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Zoella Hairstyles
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Zoella Hairstyles – Hello everyone, Today I will make another video for you hair, I’ve done two similar videos to that, and it’s basically four quick and easy hairstyles to do.

Great for school, university, work and a lot of places I have found that the healthy quick hairstyles that I like and I will do here.

So here are four quick and easy hairstyles that you may like.

I’ve done a lot with my hair today, I washed yesterday and has a bit of product in it.

I have found that it is easier to make any kind of hairstyle when the hair already has some texture.

I’ll use a bit of “Tony Guy” dry shampoo, just in my root.

It is much easier, believe me.

Especially if you have wavy hair and finds it difficult to do anything that is your lifeline.

It is my dry shampoo face.

It always seems that I’m doing massage on my head.

First, it may require a bit of skill.

German braid ponytail.

German braid looks complicated, but it’s not when you practice a few times, so it was getting faster and easier for you.

First thing is to pick a hair piece and separate, more is the same fringe And then get the rest is to make the ponytail.

You gonna catch this part of the hair and leave this here.

Separates into three.

And will pass the outside from the inside.

Same thing here, go down to the middle.

And when you do this part, you will get the piece of the front and join with each other.

And bring it to the middle.

Will pick up a little bit here, and leads to the middle as well.

It’s once you get all the hair is usually only braid.

Let’s hold at the end with a clear elastic That’s the fun part.

You will expand the braid and make it more bagunçadinha.

I’ll put some hair spray, extra strong Tresemme, Then you will bring towards the head and will put down the ponytail and wrap around and hold down This fixes the tail in place.

I like to pull some hairs here.

Mess up the tail and this is the hairstyle.

Next is an old classic and you can do with any type of braid.

It’s basically two braids, it seems that back with all this year Everywhere I can I use them and I think very cute.

Again it requires a little practice, but once you learn develops very fast and easy.

I’m leaving the hair so there is a lot to this side.

You can be very precise about it but I will use my fingers.

Grab my hair and leave in the middle.

I’ll hold this side.

You can French braid, braid standard, or German.

But I’m very loving German braids that time.

And here she turns a normal braid.

And tie the end with a clear elastic Now the other side.

In fact I find it easier to do this without looking in the mirror, sometimes when you are trying to braid looking in the mirror may be the worst thing, can confuse.

And tie this side as well.

Again I really like messing up my braids but you can leave it too.

It’s a great hairstyle if you want to keep your hair away from the face.

It’s also great to sleep.

If you do this and wake up the next day your hair looks great.

Super wavy.

But every day is too cute.

And finally a little spray to hold everything in place.

This other I appeared to him in a video and many of you have asked me to show you how.

And this is the perfect opportunity.

You go from p accent in the middle, or much as you can.

I think I’m really weird with her hair parted in the middle.

And you will divide the part back as well.

And you will split the top of the hair from the ear.

I’ll keep this piece for now.

And is ready !! And the hair you left brings will braiding normally.

You take the other side and do the same thing.

Now you seem a little crazy.

It will do the same thing on the other side.

It will cross the two behind and hold them behind the ears.

It sounds crazy, but trust me.

Now hiding that you have held, and will overlap each other and will take the first is to do the same thing.

That is the end result, it may seem complicated but what you will do is braid all the hair and hold in some places.

You can mess up all you want, can pull lint out front can stretch the braid you want, pull lint here and here, have fun all you want.

I really love this hairstyle.

I do not have a name for it, then leave your suggestions in the comments.

I also like to see you recreating hairstyles.

Back it looks like you spent hours doing what in fact was not.

And finally I’ll make a ballerina bun.

I am one of those people who always do a messy bun, but recently I’ve been using a more tight bun and I liked it too.

And it depends on your mood and place the vibe you go.

If you want to do some more feminine thing, you can do this.

This time I’ll put a little more texture, because I want you to stay right on top, secure and tight.

So I will use the “give me texture” of spray VO5 and I will espirar throughout the hair avoiding the root.

Once I applied now I will brush the hair up as much as you can.

This time you can pull a little hair of being born here, not to be too heavy.

It has hair everywhere.

Once you have this huge ponytail just twist and wrap the tighter you can.

I’ll use a rubber band to hold in place.

You can also put some staples.

Once you’re happy with your coke just put more spray to hold everything in place.

Sorry Nala.

I played a little in Nala.

And that’s your ballerina bun.

You can also put a few things in it, tie, some flowers or leave it I hope you have found useful.

I love to see the hairstyles in you then mark me on Instagram and Twitter.

Of joinha if you like and want to see more videos like this.

I love you and see you soon.