Wavy Short Hair Styles
Wavy Short Hair Styles

Wavy Short Hair Styles

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Wavy Short Hair Styles
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Wavy Short Hair Styles – Hello everyone, here’s a fun fact for you all.

The first time I learned how to curl my hair, it was with a straightener instead of a curling iron.

I love flat irons because they’re so versatile to use, and today, I’m gonna show you 3 ways to curl and wave your hair with it.

The flat iron that I’m using here is the megastar by NuMe.

It has infrared heat shown by the light strip in the center, and it goes all the way up to 450 degrees.

I tend to stay around 360 degrees, and it heats up really fast Before you use heat on your hair, remember to give it protection.

I’ve already applied my NuMe argon oil from the middle to the ends of my hair to smooth it out.

I’ve been using this for months, and it’s a really good leave-in hair serum.

For the top of my hair, I’m using my Tresemme heat tamer spray.

Once your hair is good to go, we can get started.

This first method will give your hair some beautiful glamorous soft waves.

I actually came up with this many years ago in one of my old tutorials, and I still use that method today.

To start, you’re going to grab a small section of hair and wrap it around 2 fingers to make a little roll.

Put your hair between your flat iron for 5 seconds to heat it up, and when you release your hair, you should have a pretty wave.

Instead of wrapping your hair in a circle around your finger, you can make a peace sign and wrap your hair in figure eight.

This will give you looser softer waves.

You can also use your pinky and pointing the finger to make a new pattern, and this will give you a unique deep wave.

Since you’re using your fingers to shape your hair, there are infinite ways to change up the waves, so get creative with your own pattern.

If your hair is short or medium, then you can use one or two fingers to make smaller waves.

On another note, your fingers will be near the straightener, so I’d highly recommend wearing gloves if you don’t want to burn yourself.

I’ve doing this for a while, so I’m more used to the coordination, and I work faster with my bare hands.

You can be really spontaneous with this method, and when you’re all done, you should have effortless wavy hair for any special or casual occasions.

The second method is the traditional way of curling your hair with a flat iron, and many people are probably familiar with this.

Begin by putting a section of hair between your flat iron.

Rotate your flat iron 360 degrees in a circle, and then slowly pull it outwards to get a bouncy curl.

Continue doing this for the rest of your hair, making sure to alternate the directions of your curls.

I usually like to curl the hair around my face away from it to get that wind-blowing effect.

You can separate the curls with the fingers to make them look more relaxed and arrange them to how you’d like, and you’re done.

These cute curls are volumized and long-lasting, and they’re perfect for date nights and school dances.

The last method will give you a beachy wavy hairstyle.

I love that it gives off that effortlessly tousled mermaid look.

To start, put a small section of hair between your flat iron.

Rotate your flat iron in a circle pulls it down a few inches.

Then, flip your flat iron the other way and pull it down a few inches as well.

Repeat these steps until you’re at the end of your section, and you should have a lovely wave.

If you want your waves to look smaller like crimps, then just shorten the distance when you pull down your flat iron.

Keep doing this for all sections of your hair, and don’t worry about it being neat.

Since we’re going for a tousled look, the waves will actually look better when they’re not in a particular pattern This is such a fun way to get beautiful waves, and this hairstyle perfect for the beach and summertime.

So that concludes my tutorial, and here are the 3 different curly and wavy hairstyles that I showed today.

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I had a fun time sharing these curling and weaving methods with a flat iron, and I hope you all enjoyed the video.

If you have any hair tutorials that you’d like for me to do, then remember to leave your requests in the comments.

Thank you so much for watching, and I’ll see you soon.