Undercut Hairstyle With Beard
Undercut Hairstyle With Beard

Undercut Hairstyle With Beard

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Undercut Hairstyle With Beard
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Undercut Hairstyle With Beard – What’s up internet, it is your friend EricBandholz at Beardbrand back again in my small little bathroom.

Wanted to do a nice littlequick video.

One of the most compliments that I get, besides the awesomebeard, is the awesome hair.

So I wanted to talk about how to do a quiff hairstyle andit really begins with the haircut.

So you’ll see that I’ve got fairly short hair here,I think it’s like probably a 2 guard, maybe a 1 or 2 guard is what my barbers does.

Andthen I leave it longer up top, you can see here.

It’s kind of shorter in the back again.

So it’s real important to find a barber or hairstylist who’s passionate about cuttinghair.

That’s one of the things that I look for, someone who wants to come up with newstyles, who cares about men’s hairstyles, who’s up to date and fashionable with thestyles going on today.

So I personally here in Spokane I spend about anywhere between20 or 30 dollars to get a haircut.

The higher end stuff will include all the massages andthe pampering, but it kind of depends.

I recently had my hair person move to Seattle and I washeartbroken.

But I found a new guy here in town, he does a good job, so real excitedto show you how to do this.

It’s real simple.

My hair is still damp from my shower.

I personallyuse American Crew Fiber.

It’s, unfortunately I don’t have any hair products to sell onBeardbrand right now so I’ll just tell you to buy this.

Maybe one day I’ll have somethingon there.

But I’ll work off probably just a like a dime size and work it into the fingerslike that, and like anything in life there’s always multiple ways to do things, this isjust how I do it.

I like to have more of a natural feel, a natural look.

I don’t likeit looking like there’s product in my hair, but I like it to have hold.

So we work itinto the fingers and then just work it into the hair.

We really don’t need to worry aboutthe sides too much because it’s short, it kind of just does its own thing and that’s about it.

So what you’ll need nowis to grab your wife or girlfriends hair dryer and if you don’t have one of those you canusually find them at match.

Com or a bar.

Fortunately I already have one.

So men, get used to thehair dryer.

It doesn’t take long, it’s not a big cramping deal, you’re not a real foofoo, it takes like 2 minutes and it makes sure your hair looks good.

It took me a whileto get to that.

I used to just leave it in wet and then it kind of looked weird.

So thebasic process is I want to, I’ve got this flat head attachment on here, I’m going toblow from the back and from the sides, and then I’m going to kind of blow up from thetop, and again from the side.

So it’s a real easy process, it only takes about a minute,and that’s really all there is to it.

You can see I can move my hands through it, it’snatural, but it’s still staying up and that’s the thing is you want it to be natural.

Ifit doesn’t look perfect, that’s cool.

You know it’s flowing, it’s real and you put yourhands through it.

So if my hair is looking a little dry from the hair drying I may putjust like a dab, like a real small tiny amount of beard oil into the hair.

And that willkind of give it a nice little sheen, but not give it that kind of that greasy look, thatpomade look.

So it’s just kind of you’ve got the natural oils in your hair kind of look.

That’s it bro’s, you know? Got the cool quiff going on.

As always I appreciate you watchingthe videos, I’m going to have a couple coming up, one on beard flexing, and I’m going totrim up my beard pretty soon.

It’s getting a little raggedy.

So those 2 videos to comein the future, so subscribe to get notifications when they come out.

I appreciate the videos,as always, cheers and beard on.