Toddler Hair Styles
Toddler Hair Styles

Toddler Hair Styles

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Toddler Hair Styles
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Toddler Hair Styles – (upbeat music) – Hi camera.

(laughing) Today is the best day, (laughing)and you’re my favorite.

And I love you.

(laughing) (upbeat music) – Hey guys, it’s Abby fromTwist Me Pretty, and we are back today with CGH toshare this really cute little girl hairstyle.

Who do I have with me? – Savvy Jane.

– Savvy, and look how cuteher hairstyle is today.


So cute.

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All right, let’s get started.

You want to start with damp hair and add in a little bit of leave in conditioner and then split the hair down the center.

And then get some pomadeready, this will just help the fly aways.

My favorite is theKenra Texturizing Taffy.

And then we’re just gonnastart our Dutch French braids.

So for a quick recap, you’regonna take a small section from the front, divide thehair into three sections.

And then just braid those outer sections under the middle piece.

And then you’re gonna addin new sections on each side and just keep braiding thoseouter strands underneath the middle, and that willbe your Dutch French braid.

If you’re dealing withtoddler hair that’s super fine and wispy, just make sureto use tiny sections.

And then if you’re doingthis on yourself, and you want a more grownup look, you can check out the videothat I did a couple weeks ago.

But you’re basically justgonna start this with dry hair and use larger sections.

(upbeat music) As you can see, I’mcreating a triangle shape with the sections, this isn’t necessary, but it definitely helps mekeep the style looking clean.

And then I’m just gonnasection off this bottom section and repeat the Dutch Frenchbraid on the opposite side.

And then there are a couple different ways you can finish this style off.

You can leave it as a half up style, combine the braids with a cute little bow.

Dry and curl the bottom section.

Or you can do pigtails.

So what I’m doing isdividing the remaining hair into two sections.

Gather up one side, andmove that braid over to the other side and then cross the opposite braid over and combine with a clear elastic.

And then tie off the other side with the opposite braid and you’ve got a cute littlecrisscross thing going on with the braids.

Then all you need to do isadd some cute little bows.

These are from Macy Maid on Etsy.

You can even throw thetails into a little bun.

Or just curl them with astraightener or a curling iron which is what I’m gonna do.

And then I just kind of like twist the pigtail in my fingerso that it sets that curl.

And then spray it with somehairspray, and you’re done.

(upbeat music) – Yeah.

– Yeah.

(cooing) (nibbles) – I got lipstick on your nose.

(laughing) – Twist twist and back back.

Those are actually pretty.

– They are pretty earrings, huh? We hope you guys enjoyed this video.

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