How To Style Long Hair For Guys
How To Style Long Hair For Guys

How To Style Long Hair For Guys

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How To Style Long Hair For Guys
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How To Style Long Hair For Guys – (upbeat music) – I’ve always been interestedto see what I would look like with long hair.

– This is about as longas I’ve ever had my hair.

– I look forward to doing a lot of this and a lot of that.

– If you wanna head bangif you have long hair, that’s like the whole reason.

– If I like the longhair, I’m definitely gonna grow my hair out.

(upbeat music) – What? – Whoa! Whoa.

– Pssst.

What? – I’m like a very feminine Khal Drogo.

– I look like I’m on thecover of like some stupid romance novel.


– Bet you so much moneypeople are gonna walk by me and be like, Jesus! – I look like a very disappointing geisha.

– I just feel like I put onthat voice the whole time.

Hey, where’s the organic produce? – Do I have to wear thisevery time I go out? – Let the week begin.

– Ricky just did my hair.

– You look 50% pretty and 50% dangerous.

– I don’t even know what to say.

– No.

– Yeah.

– Hi, Jesus.

– Jesus, I (beep) told you, Jesus.

– It’s a beautiful sunny dayand I’m going for a stroll.

– I just drive morechill, I think it makes me a worse driver.

– I don’t like how thehair tickles my face.

(horn honking) – Sorry.

– Oh my god.

– I can parallel park withlong hair, no problem.

(laughter) – So my hair is stuck to my headphones.

– [Voiceover] Do youfeel like more (mumbles).

– I feel like a (beep) new man.

– I look like Kid Rock.

– Well I’m walking thestreets of Hollywood with my gorgeous length hair andno one’s batting an eye, which is nice because Ifeel pretty self-conscious.

– It suits you.

– Yeah.

– You look like Jesus.

– (beep) yeah it does.

I look like Jesus.

– I’m starting to look like awild cave woman and this rain isn’t really helping.

– I just feel like a fraud, you know? Like, I don’t know.

Maybe just the wig.

Maybe it’s the length of the hair.

– So I’m about to head tothe gym now and today’s been a bit of a painbecause my hair just keeps getting in the way.

It’s almost like something’salways tickling my face.

– I’m taking it off.

– [Voiceover] Why? – Because it’s killing me.

I just took like threeExcedrin Migraine right now.

– It’s hot, the hair’s inmy face, it (beep) sucks.

– The aesthetic is allwrong for me I think.

– I enjoyed it a lot morethan I thought I would.

– I felt greasier and dirtier.

– It only looks cool in a few instances.

– I can’t just leave, Ihave to like put it on, put the bald cap on, and put the pins in.

I was telling that to one ofmy friends and she was like, “Oh, that’s what it’slike to be a woman and “have long hair.

” The struggle is real.

– When I first had the wig,I felt very self-conscious, but really people don’t care.

– I felt like people werelooking at me differently.

– My girlfriend liked it.

– My girlfriend hated it.

– Because it’s soreal-looking, it was kind of confusing for her, I think.

– She thought it would bereally sexy and I came home and she was very embarrassed.

– A lot of people were tellingme I was acting differently.

I was walking with more ofa swagger so I could feel my hair in the wind.

– I think now that I’veseen myself with long hair, I don’t need to see it again.

– It’s not me.

– I am totally gonna grow my hair out.

I’m totally into it.

(mid-tempo music) – ‘Sup?.