Short Hair Styles For Straight Hair
Short Hair Styles For Straight Hair

Short Hair Styles For Straight Hair

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Short Hair Styles For Straight Hair
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Short Hair Styles For Straight Hair – It’s funny how this is a hair video, and my hair is literary driving you crazy today.

So for today’s video, I am going to talk aboutsomething I get so many questions on and that is, what I do to style my newish shortenedhair.

How I prolonged it from how to be washed? How I protected from heat? Yeah.

So one of the questions that I get asks a lot is how I get mine like tussled, messy, kind of rockstar look? And it’s super easy.

When you have shortened hair, you feel the key to doing it like the tussled look is to genuinely let it tussle.

What I usually do is I take my curly iron, and I just kind of haphazardly curled by hair in opposing direction.

So I took a chunk here and right here and curled it back, try to make sure that the next piece is curling forward, and then the next piece is curling back.

And I do it in opposing directions, so they don’t stick together and they’ve just kind tussle my fingers through it, and I do whatever I feel it with a bang.

So if I want to pin them back, if I want to pin them to the side, or sometimes I leave them down and this would be.

So that’s probably one of the biggest questions I get asks but that is that.

Now, another question that I get asks a lot is how I extendedthe life of my hair for so long, and this has been like so helpful for me especiallylately because I’ve been willing to taking Yoga.

I use dry shampoo.

Dry shampoo is really awesome because it helps to remove the dirt and the oil from my hair.

The TRESemmé FreshStart Dry Shampoo and it is a new formula, no visible residue.

It really doesn’t leave any residue for me, like ever.

And I don’t feel like you really need that much either.

And it makes my hair more full too.

So you’re not just spraying it, and it’s just not shiny.

My brother just walked out into the room.

It’s bigger, it’s fuller, it’s got more volume and it doesn’t feel greasy any more.

Another tip for short hair or bleach hair like mine or even if you don’t have a bleached hair because I’ve always really obsessive about this, like even when my hair was dark is to always use a hair oil.

So every time that I wash my hair, I use hair oils dry too, but especially when I wash my hair, and I ‘m letting it dry afterward, I always put an oil in my hair.

And I really focus it from length that ears down.

Honestly, since I’ve been bleaching my hair more, although much higher up, but an oil is really great because it helps to seal, oh I drop it on there — it helps to seal in the cuticle, add shine.

The Dove Pure Care Dry Oil Nourishing Hair Treatment with African Macadamia Oil is awesome.

This stuff spells incredible for stuff.

And the other thing is it helps to leave your hair, feeling moisturize but it doesn’t feel wheely afterwards.

That’s really nice becauseI’ve used oils in the past where I put it in, and my hair just feels like slick andkind of icky.

Also, I avoid using heat very often.

Now, that kind of goes along with thefirst tip that I said, about extending the life, because I don’t use heat that oftenand then I extend my hairstyle so I can get away without using it like even longer.

But when I do use it in my hair, I always make sure to use a heat protected becauseit really helps to protect your hair from the heat and keep your hair looking healthy.

This is the TRESemmé Thermal Creations Heat Protected Heat Tamer Leave in Spray.

Thisis pretty much as far as I can reminder the only heat protected that I’ve ever used.

Ilike the cap as where is that sounds, whoa, you could see the mist because of the light.

All right guys, so I’m going to wrap up thisvideo.

I hope I was able to help some of you guys with your short hairstyling and stuffissues, questions.

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Bye guys.