Short Hair Styles For Girls
Short Hair Styles For Girls

Short Hair Styles For Girls

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Short Hair Styles For Girls
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Short Hair Styles For Girls – (upbeat music) – Hey everyone welcome tothe channel, so sadly summer is over I’m so sad and I knowa lot of you guys are going to be going back to school orcollege or uni, so I thought to make the transition a loteasier, I thought I’d show you guys some really cuteback to school styles.

I’m going to be showing youthree styles for longer hair and for that I thoughtI’d change things up a bit and I’m wearing my 12 to14 inch Milk and Blush set, this is the seamless set.

I love this length, I thinkit’s perfect for school because you’ve still got nicelength and for all you guys out there who have got shorterhair whether you’ve got a lob or medium length hair, I’malso going to be showing you how you can utilise Milk andBlush hair extensions for your back to school style.

So I’m not leaving you guys out too.

So stay tuned and I’llshow you the styles.

For this first style I’vegot all of the extensions in except the ones on the side of my part.

Take a section of hair rightby the part and start doing a dutch braid.

If you haven’t done a dutchbraid before they’re super super simple we actually have atutorial of how to dutch braid and I’ll link that down below,but basically you’re just taking sections of hair fromthe outside of the braid and popping them under the middle section.

And as you go down you’reincorporating hair from the side of your face.

So just work your way downand I like to start just at the bottom of my ear andthen just carry on with a three strand braid.

Then tie off this braid withan elastic and this is optional but I like to pinch and pullon the sides of my braid just to make it look thickerand fuller and there you have it that’s your accent dutch braid.

(upbeat music) Next up I think it’s theultimate back to school hairstyle and it’s the messy bun.

So I’m going to start off bysectioning my hair kind of halfway down my ears andI’m going to take a two clip weft from my seamless setand I’m going to flip this upside down and clip this in on the part that I’ve just made.

I’m going to section my hairjust above that and clip in in a three clip weft upsidedown, then I’m going to section off my hair just behind my earsand this is where I’m going to clip in my four clipquad weft and this is what’s going to give my messybun that real thickness.

Then you want to grab all ofyour hair into a high ponytail this takes a little whilefor me, I think it’s because my hair just doesn’t sitquite right so be patient with it and just use acomb or brush just to swoop that hair up.

And once you’ve got your hairall up in the position that you want it, you’re goingto grab a hair elastic and basically you’re going toput your hair as if you were going to put it into aponytail but on the first twist of the hair tie you’re actuallygoing to scoop up the hair with your hand and then you’regoing to grab some bobby pins and pin this into place.

This can be tricky to explainbut once you’ve got the hang of it it’s really really simple to do.

(upbeat music) And style number three this isa really sleek chic ponytail.

I’ve already clipped my Milkand Blush hair extensions in and I’ve just clipped thema little bit higher than I normally would and I’mgoing to give myself a really deep side part and you’rebasically just going to smooth the hair down as much aspossible, you want this really sleek really flat to your head.

So I go through with a comband I sweep the hair back with it and then you wantto take a hair tie and pop your hair into a mid levelponytail, not too high and not too low.

Once you have your ponytail,just take some hairspray and really set the style in place.

This is optional but youcan back comb the lengths of the ponytail if youwant just for added volume.

As you can see I’ve alreadygot my waves in, I styled the night before.

(upbeat music) So now we’re on to the stylesfor shorter hair and first up are these really cute dutch pigtails.

I’m going to start off bysectioning my hair down in the middle and creating a centre part.

Then I’m going to sectionoff my hair on the diagonal and this is where I’m goingto clip my shorter wefts.

I’m going to start off byclipping in one of the two clips as you can see these havebeen cut to match the length of my hair and then I’m goingto place another two clipped directly on top and basicallyyour braid is going to sit over these wefts so you won’tsee them and just do exactly the same thing on the other side.

And now you can start the dutch braid.

Again I’ll pop the linkto my dutch braid tutorial in the description box.

You’re just going to dutchbraid all the way down until you can’t incorporate any morehair and then you want to tie this off with an elastic.

And do the same on the other side.

And this is optional but I’mgoing to pop a little wave through my pigtails justto give them more volume.

(upbeat music) So as you can see I’vegot my Milk and Blush hair extensions in and these are theones being cut to the length of my lob.

I’m going to section offthe middle part of my hair at the top of my head andI’m going to clip the hair on either side away from that.

Then I’m going to take thefront section of this hair and really simply going todo a three strand braid.

I’m going to tie that offwith an elastic and just pinch and pull on the outsidesections just to make the braid look thicker.

Then I’m going to takethe clips out of my hair, part my hair in the middle andreally simply lay this braid over your part and pin itin place, it’s that simple.

I think this looks so effectiveand it’s really easy to do if you are stuck for time inthe morning before school.

(upbeat music) My last short style isthe ultimate quick fix.

And I’m going to give myself areally really deep side part.

Then I’m going to section offmy hair and literally just going to flat iron my hair,I can do this really really quickly and it’s a great quick fix.

If you don’t know what to dowith your hair and it’s being a bit unruly.

Once you’ve straightened allyour hair I like to just use serum or an argan oil to smoothdown the hair more and get rid of any flyaways and makesure that your hair stays sleek all day.

And there you have it, that’show you get a really sleek lob in no time at all.

(upbeat music) So there you have it guys, sixsuper cute styles to get you back to school.

I really hope you enjoyedthis video, let me know in the comments below whatyour favourite style was.

Don’t forget to subscribeif you haven’t already and I’ll catch you next time.