Short Black Women Hair Styles
Short Black Women Hair Styles

Short Black Women Hair Styles

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Short Black Women Hair Styles
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Short Black Women Hair Styles – Watch this for the best tutorial on usingCurlformers on your natural hair! The curlers look like this and can be used with or withouta hair dryer.

If you are sensitive about putting heat on your natural hair, then girl, thisis the product for you! I’m starting on clean, damp, co-washed hair.

I’m using about a squareinch worth of hair.

Now don’t use too much, because your hair will get stuck on this rod,and I’m telling you, it hurts! I rather use too little hair, than too much.

It reallyhelps your hair get straight to the root if you make sure the rod is as close to yourscalp as possible.

Grab your hair with one hand, and hook the rod around, then push thecurler toward your head so it is nearly flush with your scalp.

Pull down on the rod whileholding the top of your Curlformer in place.

Then, voila! You’re done! Now you gotta dothat about 79 or 80 more times.

I’m putting orange curlers on one side of my head, andpink curlers on the other because each color goes in a different direction, and I wanteach side to be going in the same direction.

Always insert your curlers in the directionthat you want your hair to fall.

So you can see in the front I have them coming towardsmy face, etcetera, etcetera.

And make sure that you put a part in your hair before youinsert all of these curlers.

While this dries, lets talk about how to install these bad boys!Insert the rod into the either end of the curler, and push it all the way through tillit comes out the other end of the curler.

And that’s it.

That’s how you get the rodin.

While your hair dries, you can take a hair tie, and tie some of the rollers outof your face so you can get some stuff done during the day.

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I will warn you that these are not in theleast bit easy or comfortable to sleep on, but I did it because I got sleepy.

So, ifyou do decide to sleep on these, use your hair ties to once again to pin the curlersin the opposite direction of the side that you sleep on.

I happen to sleep on the sidesof my head, so I pinned all the Curlformers to the back of my head like this.

When itis time to take the Curlformers out, make sure you hold the curler at the root of yourhair, and then straighten the curler out by pulling it with your other hand from the bottom,then release the rod at the root, and it will come right off.

Bada bing.

Bada boom! You’redone.

Now do that 80 more times.

Yup! Girl, keep going.

By the way if you were wondering:I know a lot of people like to use a lot of products, but don’t do that this time.

Useas little product in your hair as you possibly can.

The less product you have in your hair,the bouncier and softer your curls will be.

I only used leave-in conditioner on my hairthis time.

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To get an even looser and more naturallooking curl, I tied my hair in a high ponytail with a hair tie and I wrap it up.

I did leaveit overnight, but leave it on your hair for at least an hour or two to try and get theeffect that you want.

Now that you have completed all 529,211 steps of this hairstyle.

Let’sgo ahead and take it down and get to the fun part! You should separate the curls in oneof two ways or both.

Separate where it naturally comes apart so that you are not creating anyextra frizz.

But if you like me, and you down for the big hair, and you want it frizzy,and want people to stare at you because your hair is so big that it looks like a crown,then girl just separate till you cannot separate anymore.

I separated everywhere.

Now you know,no natural hairstyle is complete till you slick down them baby hairs, so I got thatdone.

And I also used a pik to add some volume to the top of my hair.

Just put the pik asclose to your scalp as possible, and comb it out a few inches.

Now if you feel thatcomb stopping, then stop, don’t try to detangle.

If you want to see some more hairstyles thatyou can do on your own hair, make sure you take a look at my last two videos, a pineappleupdo and crown twist braid.

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