Prom Hair Style

Prom Hair Style

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Prom Hair Style
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Prom Hair Style – Hi guys, and welcome to hair with Hollie.

So prom season is upon us and once you have the dress, you need to have the hair.

So I’mgoing to show you how to do this gorgeous half up prom updo, which is perfect for yourbig night.

[music]So the first thing we are going to do here is build the top half of the style.

So forthis, you’re just going to section off all of the hair from above the ear right backaround the crown.

And we are just going to pin that up first out of the way.

And we arejust going to pin the remaining hair out of the way.

This is what we are going to curllater on.

So to build a kind of bouffant style that we want for this we are going to sectionoff about an inch to an inch and a half of the hair closest to the hair line, so justfrom ear to ear.

I put that to one side.

And this, this at the crown, this what we aregoing to build our volume.

So I am going to practice with a little bit of texturizingdust which is great for straight hair, or fine hair, or even just to build a bit ofvolume in thicker hair.

And then working in sections of about an inch or two inches, I’mjust going to back comb from about three to four inches down the length of the hair rightinto the root so you get a nice big lump of volume.

Try and leave the rest of this hairfree, as you might end up curling it later on.

And just keep working down until you’veused up all the hair that we sectioned off.

So once you’re happy with the level of volumethat you have, we’re going to start pinning.

So don’t worry too much if you can see thevisible knots in the hair, because this is going to be covered by the hair that we havecoming here.

So ideally it would be great if you could use clips that are the same coloras your hair, just to give it a real seamless finish.

And we are going to give it a quickspritz of hair spray.

Now we are going to unleash the hair that we had from the hairline back over the bump, so you should have a nice subtle bit of volume at the front.

So again we are just going to anchor this style in the middle, and then we are goingto work on the remaining hair.

So we are going to try to create a kind of French plait effectusing the hair that we have left over on the sides.

Simply take one chunk of hair, andwork in about an inch or two inches, working from the top sections down, criss cross thehair over each other and pin in place.

So each time you cross over, just do your bestto cover the curvy grips under the layer that came before it.

So keep working your way downthe hair line until you’ve used up all the hair in that section.

So once you’re happywith the lattice effect you can keep going lower down if you would like, but we are goingto pop some curls in the rest of the hair.

So I’m just going to prep with a little bitof mousse just to give it a hold and comb that through.

This will just help the curlsstay in place, which is really important if you’re doing a prom style or a wedding hairstyle.

So using a wand, or a curling iron, or even your straighteners, start to pop curlsin the lengths of the hair that are free.

So we are starting quite high up on the hairshaft because we want a real kind of princess curl going all the way down the length ofthe hair.

So we are just going to hold this in place for about ten seconds until you canfeel the heat of your tool coming through the hair and then let it fall.

And leave thosecurls to cool before you brush them out because that will give them extra hold.

Just keepon going until you’ve used up all of the hair.

Once you’re happy with the curls and they’vecooled completely, just break them up using your fingers or the end of you’re tail combor whatever you have on hand just so you get a loose wave.

So we are going to finish offthe hair look with a lot of hair spray because you want to keep it in place all night.

Sospray under as well, keep those curls nice and bouncy.

And all over the front of thestyle, smoothing away any little flyways that you may have.

So there you go guys, a gorgeous half up promupdo, which you can do in fifteen minutes.

Perfect for your big night.

So don’t forgetto subscribe to the channel and do come back next week where we will be keeping with theformal hairdos and showing you how to do a fabulous wedding updo.

Let us know which weddingup style you want to see and I’ll see you then guys.