New Hair Styles For Men

New Hair Styles For Men

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New Hair Styles For Men
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New Hair Styles For Men – H: Today on twoplustwo B: Fabulous K-con hair H: Bapmokja and I visited out hyung, Taki H: An amazing stylist who has worked with many K-pop idols and celebrities.

H: To get our hair done specifically for our appearance at K-con.

B: As you can see, I went first.

B: After having my hair washed and dried B: Taki-hyung asked me how I liked my hair parted.

B: And proceeded to cut the sides with an electric razor.

B: He then thinned my hair, making it lighter and easier to style.

B: After that, hair treatment was sprayed into my hair to help protect it for my perm.

B: Because my hair is very damaged, Taki-hyung applied a white paste called a hair packing crea.

B: Here, Taki-hyung is testing the strength of my hair by pulling on it to see if any will fall off.

B: Perm time.

B: Once the perm process is done, I had my hair quickly rinsed out.

B: Then, a foam treatment is sprayed on to my hair.

B: The curls turned out very well.

B: Normally with damaged hair, the hair can come out zig-zaggy and jagged.

B: However, my hair curls unfolds into waves perfectly.

B: Before bleaching, a scalp protection spray is used.

B: Now begins the bleaching journey.

B: Each bleach takes around twenty to twenty-five minutes.

B: In order to create a colour gradient B: Taki-hyung bleached different parts of my hair at different times.

B: I had my hair bleached around four times.

B: My concept this time around was fire and heat.

B: I had my hair colours dyed red, purple, copper, gold and orange.

B: Plastic wrap is used to separate each colour to make sure nothing gets mixed up.

B: My hair turned out fantastic.

B: However, something was missing.

B: We decided to add a strong red streak as a focus point.

B: And it turned out amazing.

B: Taki-hyung styled my hair B: And there you have it.

B: What do you think? B: Does my hair look like fire? H: My turn! H: Of course, I had to have my hair washed and dried to start.

H: Taki-hyung noticed my hair was extremely damaged H: Much more so than Bapmokja.

H: I’ll have to thank all my bleaching and toner for that.

H: First, I had my sides cut.

H: As usual.

H: Just like Bapmokja, Taki-hyung thinned my hair out to make it easier to style.

H: I also had a protein hair treatment in order to make my hair a bit healthier.

H: Then, I had my roots bleached to allow the hair dye to come through.

H: Of course before each bleach H: Taki-hyung applied the scalp protection spray to make sure didn’t get burned too much.

H: This was especially important because I had my roots bleached about five times.

H: I had my hair dyed: ash, matte, and purple hues H: To get a colder feel.

H: Where as Bapmokja was fire, I was ice.

H: Because I had already bleached and toned my hair before H: There would be a natural colour gradient.

H: To make sure no colours got mixed up H: Each section had to be washed separately.

H: And carefully.

H: After the first round I thought maybe there was too much bloonde in my hair.

H: So Taki-hyung dyed my hair once more in purple ash.

H: I was very happy with how my hair turned out the second time around.

H: The colours were cool and was a very sharp contrast to Bapmokja’s hair.

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