Natural Curly Hair Style
Natural Curly Hair Style

Natural Curly Hair Style

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Natural Curly Hair Style
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Natural Curly Hair Style – Hey curlfriends and welcome back.

Today I’m going to show you guys how you candefine your curly hair, natural hair extensions using two quick techniques.

The first technique that we’ll be doing isthe Brush and go and It’s great for my girls on the go.

You’ll need either a paddle brush or a denmanbrush of your choice as well as a spray bottle.

We’re going to start by wetting down the hair.

Having the hair soaking wet, or at least alittle bit damp will make this process so much more easier.

This will allow the curls to clump togetherand add more definition.

I’m personally going to be using a paddlebrush because this is a lot of hair.

If I had thinner hair or thinner extensions,I would be using a denman brush like I do on my own natural hair.

But, I’m using this paddle brush just to brushout the hair.

I’m brushing it downwards, and when I getto the bottom, I’m twisting my wrist to have the edges of the paddle brush touch the curls.

That’s what’s going to give us our curl definition.

As you can see here, the curls are clumpingtogether.

They are very large, clumped curls.

Moving on to the other side, we’re going togo ahead and repeat the same steps.

Spray it down.

Use a paddle brush to stretch the curls andadd that curl definition, twisting your wrist at the ends of the hair to emphasize thatcurl formation at the bottom of the hair.

As I stated in the beginning.

This is great for my girls on the go who don’thave a lot of time to spare in the mornings but definitely want that curl definition.

Just grab your paddle brush, some water, runthe brush through a few times and let the hair air dry.

This is the second method, which I like tocall the paddle brush shingle method.

I just take smaller sections, not too smallbut about medium sized sections.

I pretty much repeat the same exact steps.

Sectioning off the hair will allow the hairto have a lot more tighter curl definition so the curls will be a lot more smaller thanthe large ones that we did previously.

Sectioning off the hair allows for you tomake sure that all of the curls are being defined.

You’re going section by section so essentiallyyou’ll have a little bit more fluffy, large, voluminous hair with this method vs the paddlebrush and go method that we did previously.

I’m just sectioning off the hair, sprayingdown that section, then going in with either a denman or a paddle brush to emphasize thecurl, twisting my wrist towards the ends to emphasize that really nice, tight curl.

As you guys can see here, it’s super defined.

I absolutely love the curls on this hair.

As always, the hair that I am featuring intoday’s video is the NaturalBossLady Bundles.

This is the Kinky Curly Collection.

I have in 3 bundles, a 14″, 16″, 18″ as wellas an 18″ curly closure.

This hair does not call for product whatsoever.

I literally just do exactly what I’m showingyou guys here today.

I just wet it down with some water, use abrush to define the curls and let it air dry.

The curls stay clumped together throughoutthe day.

They end up frizzy after about 2-3 days justas your natural hair would.

But they definitely hold a curl without product.

If you’re using hair extensions that callsfor products, a great product to use when you’re curl defining your hair is a lightmousse.

You just want something to be able to holdthe curls without a crunch.

You don’t want to end up with super crunchyhair guys.

So just grab a mousse of your choice and addit towards the end after you finish defining the hair.

Here are my results of the paddle brush shinglemethod.

As you guys can see, the curls are clumpingtogether much smaller and tighter.

It has a lot more definition than what wepreviously did in the beginning.

The next morning, I literally just let itair dry overnight.

I will put the wig on my head, and fluff itup in the morning by just lifting the roots.

I don’t disturb the curls whatsoever.

I just lift the roots, lift of the back, andgive it a lot more volume.

You can also let it add volume to itself asthe days go on.

The hair will get frizzy and bigger and itwill just look a lot more bigger than normal.

Here are the final results.

I hope that I helped you guys with your naturallycurly hair extensions.

I love you guys and I’ll see you guys in thenext video!.