Names Of Short Haircuts
Names Of Short Haircuts

Names Of Short Haircuts

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Names Of Short Haircuts
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Names Of Short Haircuts – A slick short hairstyle can say a milliondifferent things — it can display confidence and sexiness, chicness and smarts, and itcan be laidback and playful, depending on the cut and wearer.

No matter what it is you’re going for, a shorthairstyle can be seriously stunning if it’s done right.

We turned to some expert stylists for tipson how you can pick the best shear style for your desired look, along with a little celebinspiration to match.

Here are some short haircuts that stun.

Shag This style was a hit in the early aughts andhas been a long-time go-to for Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Rinna.

According to Zak Mascolo, creative directorfor TONI&GUY, “this cut works for a wide range of face shapes” and “is one of the most versatilecuts with lots of layers to frame and flatter most face shapes.

” According to Nexxus celebrity stylist LonaVigi, the look tends to fit with a range of different natural hairstyles, from thick tothin, curly or straight, because it adds volume but can be thinned where needed.

However, Devin Toth, celebrity hair stylistwith Salon SCK, points out that this style completely opens up the face and brings attentionto the jaw bone.

So if you’re trying to hide or minimize yourjaw, this isn’t the cut for you.

But if you’re okay with this attention, ashag is such a playful, fun style.

To get the right texture and shine, simplyuse a little sea salt spray and rough-up the ends with your fingers.

Choppy lob If you’re looking to achieve a flawless choppylob, it’s all about communication with the stylist before diving into the cut.

As Lona Vigi told us, “It can be worn by mostlyany face shape because you can vary the length of the layers or the bottom length that’sright for each client and still achieve the choppy look.

” She suggests bringing in a picture and discussingwith your stylist based on the texture and face shape you’re working with before fullycommitting to the cut.

Devin Toth added that choppy lobs are greatfor women with heart-shaped faces because it can add balance with a pointier chin.

It’s important to note that this cut can bepretty high maintenance, requiring more salon visits “in order to prevent their cool choppyends from becoming a shapeless split end.

” But if that doesn’t bother you, this cut canbe a perfect entryway to short hairstyles.

Shoulder length and sleek This super-elegant cut is perfect for womenwith round faces because the straight sleekness will help elongate the face and provide aprofessional posture.

Those who already have long narrow face-shapesshould probably steer clear of this one, though, and if you want to keep it sleek, you haveto maintain its polished finish.

And if you don’t have naturally straight hair,the maintenance on this cut will take a substantial amount of time.

A textured bob This casual, carefree look works best forwomen with round, oval, square and heart-shaped faces.

Texture-wise, thicker hair is also betterto work with for this look because the more hair, the more dimension that can be createdwith the layers, and volumizing whip can help give it that extra oomph.

Blunt bob A sleek, blunt bob like this tends to workwell with a heart-shaped face, but keeping the length right at your chin requires frequentcuts.

Just like the lob, this bob’s also going totake some daily styling to stay in place, so prepare to commit to keeping your locksin check.

The point of this style is to make a statement,so be 100 percent ready to make that commitment.

The results can be stunning.

Asymmetrical bob This fun, unique cut is a great option forwomen with long or oval-shaped faces, but it’s definitely not ideal for round facesbecause it can be a bit widening.

Otherwise, the style is perfect for a womanwho is looking for a statement cut, but wants to keep it more playful and dramatic thana sleek, blunt bob.

To achieve the look, blow dry the ends curledunder just slightly to frame the face and emphasize the different lengths on each side.

Pixie Do you have the style and personality to rocka severe pixie? If so, this could be the look you’ve beenmissing.

For that air of edge and confidence, thisside-swept style shapes the face beautifully and extends the cheekbones.

It’s perfect for those who have an oval faceand makes for a daring and beautiful combo that’s a cinch to style with just a touchof product.

The catch is that those who wear this lookwill probably need to spend a little more time perfecting the makeup rituals becausethe face will be on full display with this ‘do.

Bangs As a lot of celebs have discovered lately,bangs can be a great addition to a cut because they literally shorten your face.

If you’ve never had bangs before, though,it may take some time to for your hair to adjust and get used to the style, so don’tget too frustrated if your hair doesn’t immediately look flawless.

It’s also important not to put much productin your bangs because your face will give them all the oil they need.

Also, if you’re opting for a lob, it’s probablybest to keep your bangs side-swept for maximum effect.

Pompadour To really nail this edgy, undercut, razedstyle, hair color is actually more important that the face shape.

Going with something wild and funky can bedivine, but even neutral tones that match your skin can have a beautiful, elongatingeffect.

On the downside, such a close cut will showany roots that grow out immediately.

So you’ll want to stay on top of your color.

This cool look also is the hardest to growout.

So if you’re looking to make this dramaticchange, just make note of the work that goes into making it sing.

Bowl cut Believe it or not, this type of pixie hasstarted to make a comeback since your awkward ’90s school pictures, but there’s a twist.

Instead of the actual mom-puts-a-bowl-on-your-head-and-goes-to-scissor-town,the new take has an undercut on the sides with overlapping strands that fall into bluntbangs.

This can work for a variety of different faceshapes, from an oval outline to the more heart-shaped facial structure.

This style may still not be for everyone,but when it works, it works.

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