Mens Long Hairstyles Buzzfeed
Mens Long Hairstyles Buzzfeed

Mens Long Hairstyles Buzzfeed

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Mens Long Hairstyles Buzzfeed
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Mens Long Hairstyles Buzzfeed – Hello Guys.

! today we gonna see how to make a diff kinda long hairstyles For that we are not gonna use any kinda cream and wax so, first we gonna see #manbun #manbun is the recent trend so, lets see how to make it Before that, we need to wash our hair well with ur favourite shampoo and make them dry Even u can apply oil, because for #manbun we gonna tie up the hair with band We can even manage without oil 1.

You need to comb the hair, all the way back 2.

Pull the hair from the top behind and hold them together 3.

Use hairband ( small or bigger size depends on the length ) 4.

Hold the hair and put a couple of knots Next hairstyle is front fringes Lets see how to make it 1.

Pick the side ( left or right depends on ur style ), im, choosing on my right, before that u can even cut your hair in a layer form 2.

Comb your hair all the way on your right 3.

Pull your hair on your top right side and hold them 4.

Use your fingers and slide them inside from right to left and give a mess like a massage 5.

It will create a bounce and mess to ur hair 6.

Leave your hair down and adjust according to your style Next hairstyle is a decent formal style Most of us don’t know how to convert a long hair into a short formal hair without a haircut Lets see how to make it

1.comb your hair to the top and hold them

2.Hold the hair on the top and pull the hair layer by layer down using ur comb (use a normal comb for better finishing)

3. Hold your hair on the right or left ( depends)

4. Use hair band and put a knot on your top edge of the hair

5. Push the edge towards in and hide them inside you own hair Lets see how to make it 1.

Let’s see how to make it 1.

1.Need to comb your hair all the way to the top, same like man bun Oops I dropped it 😛

2. Hold them together and put a simple knot 3.

3. From ur left pull few layers of hair and same like on ur right 4.

4. Give a mess and bounce.

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