Layered Short Hair Styles
Layered Short Hair Styles

Layered Short Hair Styles

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Layered Short Hair Styles
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Layered Short Hair Styles – Hey everyone, Kayla here.

Today I wanted to go over some hairstyles you can wear for the summertime.

I took a lot of queues for festival styles to help you break out of your routine and try something a littlebit new for summertime.

Let’s get to it.

(upbeat music) Let’s start with something super easy.

You’re gonna grab a pieceof hair near your part and braid it all the way down.

At the end, secure it byteasing it into place.

This last surprisingly well.

Then take another sectionof hair and give it a braid.

Then keep going through your hair however the mood strikes you.

Opt for different areas on your head and different thickness of braids.

Once you’re happy withthe look, you’re done.

They add style while remaining understated and really easy to wear.

(upbeat music) Now for something even easier.

I want you to pull allthe hair that you can into a high ponytailletting the baby hairs fall.

And secure that with an elastic.

Then wrap a headband around your hairline.

I’m using this wire headband and twisting and tucking the ends to create a turban look.

And that’s it.

If you’re feeling lazy,a great hair accessory can totally save the day and give so much look in the process.

(upbeat music) Now we’re on to some spacey buns.

You’re gonna start with a middle part and then make a slightlytriangular part on each side.

(upbeat music) Clip one side out of the way and on the other side thatyou’re going to braid, clip the hair under the triangleto keep it out of the way.

Then dutch or french braidthat triangle section of your hair back towardsthe top of your head.

Once you reach the end of that section, secure it with an elastic.

To make the bun, lightlybackcomb your ponytail and wrap it into a bun.

(upbeat music) Now repeat the samething on the other side.

And that’s it.

This is a perfect way to keepyour hair out of your face without losing your style.

(upbeat music) and finally, let’s finish off with this braided flipped hairstyle.

Start by flipping your hair over to create a deep side part.

On the side with less hair, grab a section next to your hairline andbraid all the way down.

And secure it with an elastic.

Next grab another section of hair behind the previous section and braid it.

And finally, you canfinish this little triangle by picking up some hairbeneath the previous sections and braiding that.

Now, if you want, you wrapone of these braids in cord.

I picked white and just wrappedit loosely around the braid tying it at the end.

(upbeat music) Next we’re gonna pin the braids back.

So sweep them back likeyou’re gonna pin them then lift the hair in that area and pin the braids underneath it.

Then let that section ofhair down and you’re done.

I feel like this one proves youdon’t have to have long hair to bring that undone festival vibe.

That flipped over partwith braids is sure to wow even if you skip the cord.

(upbeat music) And that’s it for thesummer ready hairstyles for short and medium hair.

These are so perfect just toadd some look to your hair and experiment with going out of your box just a little bit this summer.

I hope you guys enjoyed this video.

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I’ll see you then.



(upbeat music).