HOW TO GET STRAIGHT HAIR | Men’s Curly to Straight Hair Tutorial 2017
How To Get Straight Hair Mens Curly To Straight Hair Tutorial 2017

HOW TO GET STRAIGHT HAIR | Men’s Curly to Straight Hair Tutorial 2017

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HOW TO GET STRAIGHT HAIR | Men’s Curly to Straight Hair Tutorial 2017
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eae alex manos here today I am in the lounge daniel afonso to fix my hair, do not forget to sign up (activate notification) insane are almost brand 200k subscribers.

thanks manos I am here today to show on the blowout brazillian, a lot of guys are scared when they hear it, and I think maybe because do not know what it is, how it works.

you can go the more tuim for smoother and stick with straight edges, soft straight hair and easy to pack in a snap and now I will show them how and done step by step and as the summer and before and after so that you can see the effect of bowout brazillian like wow !!!! then this manos and Greg, and he that will make the process in my hair today.

the first thing and ensure that my hair will be completely clean while he washes my hair I wanted to give some information to you about the blowout brazillian, I think we can call Rosalie or blowout or even of brazillian blowout I'll leave you guys to decide this in the comments what looks best well actually it completely eliminates frizz, waves and curls, Alen trazel a huge shine to your hair and protects your hair, this is for you who likes to wear her hair in dryer and fits the color that you colored your hair and your hair will be with a number of benefits in addition to aprenas take the wavy curls if your hair has only 2 inches (5 centimeters) is already enough PAA carry out the process, not your hair presica this is for my comprimeto lisso well with the blowout brazillian you which does not need to wait a long time for hair to grow to achieve this effect.

also only takes an hour to achieve this effect if you have the cebelo my length, and the best part is that if you take good care of it will last for about 3 months and is not complicated MAINTENANCE, all prescisa and make sure that the right product for hair I would recommend shampo brazillian blowout or Moroccan unfortunately now you can not go to the pool and jump in the ocean and far more complicated in the summer especially for the vagrant who lives on the beach, but still worth it for you working mt! not recommend you wear hat when doing any activity that sounds because the sweat is stuck in the leather and cabloe and this is not good for the hair and the product brazilliaan blowout Now comes the question of how much gold? for my hair length was a hundred dollars the head ai is using a chemical relaxation as I showed in the previous video.

and will admit the result is splendid.

you feel the difference becomes loose, soft, super smooth and has a super brightness difference magea relaxation, you have no idea !!! Thank you Greg for carrying out the process then manos this and the end result and you guys can see it super smooth and soft and the best part you feel much better but if you guys want a duration time of 3 messes I recommend this product and remember you can not jump in the pool and ocean and half more difficult in the summer must have a sacrifice remember to enroll themselves are almost 200 mill asinantes and see you soon! and now I aproiveitar my new hair (laughs) subtitled by: Israel Avelino.