Hairstyles Using Braiding Hair
Hairstyles Using Braiding Hair

Hairstyles Using Braiding Hair

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Hairstyles Using Braiding Hair
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Hairstyles Using Braiding Hair – Hey loves! welcome back to my channel.

It’s your girl Genny and today’s video is going to be a hair tutorial on this really really cutehairstyle you know I have been wanting to do it here for the longest time.

I wore the hairstyle and everyone was like”ooh your braids are so cool I’m like yeah I’mjust trying to put some colors for the summer I’m not really a color person but this is the first time trying this color and I absolutely loved it and I meanthis gold I think it was really really nice.

I don’t know what you guys think so just let me know what you think in the comment box down below and let’s get right intothe video so first of all this is my natural hairlike you can see I just put some water just to make it softer and then I’mcurrently trying to divide the hair into three equal parts so that’s exactly whatI’m trying to do I think the lines won’t be that perfect because I wasbasically struggling to see the back of my hair as to get a perfect line well that doesn’t really matter at the end of the day because I mean I braided the hair allto the back and the lines were not even showing basically but it’s just you knowto give the hair a more defined look for the braids because I wanted the braids to lay flat like because it’s kind of like a mohawk hairstyleexactly so that’s exactly what I’m trying to do so, I just try to combeverything together and I’ll be going in with my eco styler gel as usual just you knowto flatten my hair to hold it together if your hair is very long I don’t thinkyou really need any gel at all you could just pack it together and do thishairstyle but since my hair is short and it’s naturalI needed a gel to hold it together with my headband as well at this point I’m currently done flattening my hair and packing the hair into three parts so I’m just going to let this hairdry and then I’ll be right back so my hair is currently dry.

For the back of thehair that is the two puffs or burns behind I will be going in with my black hair extension.

This hair extension is the expressions braiding hair I alreadypulled it and so, I just divided the hair basically into two equal parts and I pulled it.

I put the rubber band like the way I normally do it in almost all myvideos and I’m attaching it to the second oneso now, I will take some of the hair I have from this hair extension just to give it amore natural look and so my natural hair doesn’t end up showing so I just tookthe hair and I ravelled it over my natural hair so just to create something more natural and also to secure the extension onto my natural hair bun So at this point, I am currently done ravelling the hair extension on to my bun so I will just start braiding my hair.

As usual, I will split the hair into three equal parts alongside my natural hair inside so I will split it into three equal parts and am just struggling to detangle this hair because you know it is synthetic and all that! very nice for braiding but you know, not very nice for combing.

So, I’ll just split it into three equal parts and then I will start braiding.

I’ll braid allthe way down and make sure that the briefs are actually falling flat andas well, I’ll be attaching the next bun the one below the last one to thewhole braid just to make sure everything is flat like a mohawk pretty much sothat’s all I’m just doing and then I will braid this all the way to the end I hopeyou guys actually get what I am trying to say but yeah I know you guys do I know you I’m currently done braiding the Mohawk so, I’m just trying to arrange everything and tuck in my hair in it so I’m currently going to use thisgold hair for the front it was really out of my comfort zone but I ended upliking it so, we thank God.

So, this hair I basically took my hair extension and Idevided Into two; the expressions braiding hair after dividing into two, the normal way I do I just put it on my doorknob and I just braided it allthe way just to make it easier for me to attach it so I just get that braided hairalready and I attached it to my natural hair like you can see and I am just trying to make a bun out of it well the mistake I know I made was usinga blue headband to like tie the end like you can see because I felt was kind of obvious so I didn’t really like how the blue stuff was showing but if you want to do thisfor yourself I would say you should go with a black headband yeah just a blackheadband so it doesn’t end up showing and that’s basically it I hope you guysreally enjoyed this quick tutorial and I hope you try this hairstyle and I willsee you all in my next video don’t forget to subscribelove you bye.