Hairstyles To Do With Short Hair
Hairstyles To Do With Short Hair

Hairstyles To Do With Short Hair

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Hairstyles To Do With Short Hair
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Hairstyles To Do With Short Hair –  Hey, guys, it’s Marissa.

And today I’m gonna beshowing you guys five different sporty hairstylesthat you can do on yourself.

I’m 14 years old and Ihave learned to do my hair in like the fifth grade or something.

So, Brookie and I both play soccer and we have two younger sisters that are going to start playing soccer, so we are a very sporty family and we’re always lookingfor ways to fix our hair so that our hair isn’t in our face, especially on a windy or rainy day and you’re running around.

You don’t want it to, like,in your eyes or anything.

So, here are five quickand easy hairstyles that you can do on yourself.

(fun rhythmic music) To start this firsthairstyle, I’m going to start by parting my hair to theside and then about two inches from the start of my hairline, going to part it allthe way down to my ear.

And while I’m braiding,I like to tie off my hair in the back just so it’s out of my way.

After I have made mypart, I’m going to start by taking a small section fromabout the front of my part and starting a dutch braid.

To start a dutch braid, divideyour hair into three sections then cross the left outsidepiece under the middle piece, then the right outside pieceunder the middle piece.

Then once you’ve done that,add hair to the outside section and continue braiding untilabout the top of your ear, if that makes sense, I don’t know guys.

There are plenty of other YouTube videos that explain how to dutch braid.

(simple rhythmic music) Just continue braiding andonce you get to about the ear, I like to start a lace braid.

And if you don’t knowwhat a lace braid is, it’s just adding hairto the top or bottom.

I’m adding it to just thebottom so you don’t get a bump when you put itback into a ponytail.

(simple lighthearted music) Once I tied off my braid,I like to take my hair out, and yes, it is very poofy and frizzy.

And I like to smooth it outso that there are no bumps in the ponytail, with a comb or a brush, then just add yourbraid into your ponytail and you are pretty much done.

Just take out your elastic from your braid and the struggle is real, itkind of hurts a little bit, but after that, this is thefinal look of the hairstyle.

It’s a great way to keepyour hair out of your face.

(lighthearted rhythmic music) To start this next hairstyle,I’m going to just begin by parting my hair off to the side.

Again, start by makingabout a one inch part down to your ear, and we aregoing to make two twists, so make sure there’sroom for a second one.

Then just tie off your hairand then start by taking a small section from the front, and you’re going to bedoing a French twist.

Divide your hair into two sections, then just like the Dutch braid,cross one under the other.

I like to drop it, thenadd hair, cross it over, drop it, add hair, cross it over.

(fun energetic music) I decided to go untilabout where my eyebrow met my hairline, and Ididn’t go all the way down to my ear because Iwanted my ponytail to be a little bit higher.

(exciting soft music) Just tie it off andthen take out your hair, comb it out a little bit, and we’re going to start the next one.

For this other twist, we’rejust going to be doing the same as the first one,just behind the first twist so that’s it kind ofa double layer effect.

(exciting rhythmic music) Then just finish off your twist.

Then just twist them back upand add them into a ponytail.

(fun lighthearted music) Before I tie that up, Ilike to take a bobby pin and pin down the loosehair from the twist, just so that it doesn’t stick up.

A lot of the times I getthese crazy bumps in my hair and bobby pins work great to fix that.

There’s the final look.

After that, I just tookout the elastics because I kind of forgot, butthis is a great hairstyle, again, for getting yourhair out of your face.

And it’s still super cute.

(fun rhythmic music) To start hairstyle number three, we are going to losethe number part from our previous hairstyle.

To begin this hairstyle, startby taking a small section.

I like to take it from aboutthe middle of my eyebrows.

And we are going to start a french braid.

A french braid is a lotsimilar to a dutch braid, but all you are doing iscrossing the outside strands over instead of under the middle section.

(simple piano music) To give this braid a mohawk look, I like to add the sectionsin a fairly straight line.

(fun rhythmic music) Just continue doing afrench braid until about the crown of your head,or just until you like it.

(simple rhythmic music) Just finish off braiding your hair, it doesn’t have to beuntil the end because you’re gonna end up puttingit in a ponytail anyways.

After that, just tie yourhair off into a ponytail.

And there you have it, guys,a mohawk braid ponytail.

(fun rhythmic music) Four, numbero quatro hairstyle.

We are going to startby just putting our hair back into a ponytail.

Our family has very thickhair, so I need two elastics to hold my ponytail up.

This is also a great hairstyle if you guys don’t like flyaways andwould like to use a headband.

Just brush out the extra knotsthat you didn’t get before.

And we’re going to start the hairstyle.

Start by dividing the hair in half, then take an elastic andplace it about two inches down from where the ponytail starts.

(fun exciting music) Start by splitting the hairin half with your fingers, then reaching through the hole and grabbing the bottom layer ofhair and pulling it through.

I like to tighten up the bottom elastic, just so it’s extra secure.

After that, grab anotherelastic and tie it about two inches down from the first one, then do the same processthat we did before.

Split your hair into twosections, then pull the bottom hair through and tighten up the elastic.

Then just repeat this processuntil the end of your hair.

(simple rhythmic music) I like to just bring it over my shoulder once it gets a littletoo long for me to do.

Even if you have thinnerhair at the bottom, just keep going and onceyou get to about the end, tie it off with a bigger elasticjust so it’s extra secure.

After I’m done, I liketo kind of pull it apart just so it’s extra full.

(simple rhythmic music) Here is the final look,I love to change up the color of bands just soit’s kind of colorful and fun.

To start hairstyle numberfive, I like to do a middle part with this hairstyle.

You can also do a sidepart if you like it better.

I like to brush it back,then taking a small section from about the front of the hairline and we’re going to start another dutch braid.

Again, for a dutch braid,just divide the hair into three sections, thencross the outside sections under the middle section and add hair, every time you cross anoutside section under.

When I’m adding the hair,I’m not doing a super big section because it kindof depends on how big you want your braid to be.

If you pick up bigger pieces, your braid will be a little bit bigger, and if you pick up smaller pieces, it will be a little bit smaller.

So, it just depends on your preference.

Then just continue braiding until about the end of your part.

Once you have finishedwith the first braid, do the exact same braid on the other side.

I do mess up a coupletimes, but that’s okay, it still looked good in the end.

I don’t know about you guys,but after I’m done braiding, my arms are very tired.

Pull all of your hair back into a ponytail and then you’re done.

If you guys like to wearheadbands when you run, I would recommend using Pre-Wrap, you can find this atany sporting good store.

It’s just a great way tokeep away the fly aways and it doesn’t slip off your head.

And every other headbandthat I’ve tried has, so this one is great.

One thing I also like todo is braid my ponytail.

Having long and thick hair, when I run, my hair always whips me inthe eye and then I can’t see.

So, I like to braid my ponytailjust so I can prevent that.

Here is the final look.

It is definitely one of myfavorite sporty hairstyles that I love to use everyday for soccer.

Thanks for watching.

Hope you guys enjoyedthese quick and easy sporty hairstyles that youguys can do on yourself, DIY, you know.

This will help keep thefly aways out of your face while you’re playingyour game, and winning! (laughing) Bye!.