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Hairstyles Jobs
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Hairstyles Jobs – In this week’s video, we’re gonna be going over how to handle a job interview if you have tattoos, piercings, or even a crazy hairstlye.

That’s coming up! Now your parents didn’t lie to you when they tell you that’s it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

But when it comes toa job interview your appearance really does make a difference.

Besides having proper interview attire, your day to day appearance might have to undergo a few little tweaks before you’re ready for your job interview.


Piercings can really distract the interviewer and you might even violate company policy before you’re even hired.

So if you have anything like a facialpiercing or a tongue piercing, you’re gonna want to take that out before the interview.

Earrings are okay but make sure that you limit them to a reasonable size and only have one per ear.


Cover your tattoos as much as possible.

Wear clothing that will hide them oreven use tattoo cover-up so they don’t show through.

Similar to piercings, tattoos can be distracting or may even break company policy.

You want the interviewer to be focused on you and your qualifications and not your ink.


Try to stay away from hair colors that are a little funky.

I’m talking pink, green, blue, etc.

And also, keep your hair in a nice clean and polished hairstyle.

You really want to make sure you don’t have a bird’s nest hiding in your head.

The goal is to appear as professional as possible.

This is really important when it comes to food positions especially but you want to keep these in mind for whatever job you are applying for.

Don’t get us wrong.

Self-expression is awesome and we’re all about it.

But until you actually get that job offer you want your application and qualifications to stand out, not yourpersonal style.

When trying to land a job, you can reallynever be too careful and you don’t want anything standing in your way.

Happy job hunting!.