Hairstyles In The 90s
Hairstyles In The 90s

Hairstyles In The 90s

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Hairstyles In The 90s
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Hairstyles In The 90s – Hey guys! Welcome back to my channel.

It’s your girl Genny and today’s video is gonna be a tutorial on this really cute bun.

I figure that I think this one is higher than this one, I don’t even know.

I mean you guys can just let me know what you think and I hope you guys really enjoy this quick tutorial and also I have a giveaway in this video which is very exciting! I noticed a lot of people actually love this puff and so, I decided to give out one ofthem to you guys just a way of showing appreciation that I really appreciate youguys support.

I appreciate the way you guys have been supporting me, showing me love and everything.

I really appreciate that and I just decided to give away something you know! and so, I decided to give out this puff.

This hair I’m putting on right now because I noticed that a lot of people actually like it and peopleask, “oh where did you get it from?” and all that good stuff and so, I decided to give out one of them.

If you want to know the details of this give away then, please keep watching this video all the way to the end.

I’ll speak about the details of the giveaway at the end of the video and I hope youguys actually enjoyed this quick tutorial and if you did, don’t forget togive me a big thumbs up, comment, feel free to share my videos with everyoneand subscribe to my channel as well and that’s basically it and so, without further ado, let’s get right into the video.

Bye! hey guys so as you can see in this video, I am trying to achieve two huge afro puffs so, first of all I will be starting off by dividing hair into two equal parts and by the way my hair is already damp so I didn’t havenear to spray water like I normally do I just basically came off the shower andjust decided to do this quick hair tutorial so y’all I will just be dividing my head into like I said and then I’ll be going in with this my very massiveeco styler gel.

I didn’t really have a choice because normally I scoop fromthis big one into the really small container which I normally show you guys but this one, I have scooped it to the extent that it has gone so deep like I just had to carry the whole big jar like that and do the work so, I will justbe putting the gel on my two halves which I have just splitted you know just toget it into a really small puff with my natural hair and then I’ll be going in withmy brush you know just to hold everything together and make sure the hair is actually laid and very secure.

You know it’s natural hair struggle! and then I will be going in againwith some gels just to smoothen the edges and everything and then I’ll be going in with my rubber band which I’ll be using to tie this my little puff and that’s thesame thing I’ll be doing to the other side of the hair as well so now, I am currently donesmoothing my hair into this two little puffs with my natural hair then I’ll begoing ahead as usual to lay my edges using my toothbrush and my eco stylergel as well you know I’ll just lay things just to make it really nice, cute and all that baby hair coming to the front slide in! (haha) that’s all I’m going to doright now and just you know put everything’s to be laid down.

so now that I’m currently done laying myedges, I’ll be going in with my satin headscarf you guys need to get this soI’m going in with my satin head scarf and just I’ll go air dry my hair.

You caneither air dry or blow-dry yours depending on how much time you’ve got and so nowmy hair is currently dry it took about like the whole day (hahahaha).

I’m justkidding.

I had to blow-dry that I couldn’t wait oh my god! so, we had to blow-dry my hair and I would go in here right now with my freetress afro puff drawstringponytail.

That shit was a long name! so it has a comb which I can use to comb onthis my natural hair puff just to secure it to my hairwhich is what I’m going is going to be doing and then what makes it drawstringof course is the elastic band that it has on it for me to be able to attachthis and tighten it up to my natural hair puff so that’s what I’m going to doright now I would just pull the elastic, band make it as tight as possible as youfeel like it’s okay by you not too tight because it’s going to really hurt ifis too tight so just make it in such a way that you know it’s secure and you’resafe for the day basically.

So, I basically like I said that’s all Idid and then I just knotted this elastic properly to my natural hair.

Just knottedit is over and over again so I made sure it was very good and that’s exactlythe same thing I did for the other side of the hair as well So, guys thank you so much for watching.

That’s basically the end of this tutorial I think one is higher than the other(hahaha) but I guess they’re both sisters but they are not twin sisters you know so I decided today to be doing a giveaway and the details of this giveaway are first of all of course you must be subscribed to my channel that’s numberone Number 2, you have to have followed me on all my social media: snapchat, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

I’ll put the link to every single of my social mediaaccounts down in the description box so make sure you follow me on thenand then the last thing I would like you to do is to comment down in this video just telling me why you actually want this very cute hair and also let me knowwhat you want to see more on my channel and that’s basically it.

I hope you guys really enjoyed this video don’t forget to check the description box for the details to the giveaway as well and you know! I will see you all in my next video.