Hairstyles In The 80s
Hairstyles In The 80s

Hairstyles In The 80s

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Hairstyles In The 80s
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Hairstyles In The 80s – (retro 80s music) – Well, the 80s was all about big hair.

– Very popular in my household, did not discriminatebetween male or female because my brother was the same way.

– Every six months, I had this perm.

It was really big.

I can tell from thispicture, I just had a perm.

– Yeah, it was a perm, and a lot of Aqua Netand a lot of teasing.

– And it was mouse, blowdrier and hair spray.

I was very into Madonna,in case you can’t tell.

– I’m excited to see howit will look on me though, like, I don’t know, Ithink I could pull it off.

– Me too.

– Yeah.

– I’m a little nervousto get this hairstyle because I’m a little scaredI’ll look like Captain Hook.

– I’m excited.

I think it would becool to do it like that.

Never done my hair oranything that way before.

– You will rock the 80s.

– Oh yeah? – Yeah.

(retro 80s music) – I feel a lot of mouse andit feels heavy on one side.

(retro 80s music) – It feels like a lot of stuff on my head.

– This is weird, definitely doesn’t feellike my normal hair anymore.

(retro 80s music) Okay mom, turn around.

– Oh my God! (screams) – Oh my God! – Wait, wait, let me see the (mumbles) – You ever seen Mob Wives? That’s what you look like right now.

– Do you like it? – I love it.

I think you should do it more often.

Especially when you go to a nightclub.

– I feel like I’m hangingout in high school again with my bestie.

– There’s no words to describe it.

– This is kind of what I look like when I wake up in the morning.

– I feel like if I have this hair, I’d be very conscious of my hair.

Like, “Oh, the wind, the rain!” – It’s not as bad as Ithought it was going to be, like it’s actually kind of okay.

– I’m going to stick to curling and straightening my hair only.

– I like your old self better.

– Oh, okay.

Thank you, me too.

That makes two of us.

– Looking at you, it’s likea flashblack to the 80s.

It really is.

– It’s not that bad really.

I’ve seen a lot worse.

– There’s a lot worse, but.

– Have you seen A Flock of Seagulls? This is tame.

– A Flock of Seagulls? No, I’ve never seen that.

Is that a movie?.