Hairstyles In The 50s
Hairstyles In The 50s

Hairstyles In The 50s

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Hairstyles In The 50s
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Hairstyles In The 50s

Hello everybody.

This is Bubbly J.

In this video today Im gonna show you 1950 hairstyle glamor.

It lets start.

Comb teasing Donut cake Some rubber bands Bobby Pin Some hair spray We start parting the hair and create a section that is almost near your Ears.

We are going to have a side part of this Look.

We then use a bobby pin to hold this hair the fall.

We do the same thing on the other side.

we Section until it reaches the ears, we locked with Bobby Pin.

We start working first with the back of the hair.

To create a little of the body at the head Im going to do a little bit of back combing.

Before noon comb and usually take the section of the hair that I call clean hair all over Secure it with a bobby pin and keep it forward as well.

We will work with the three parts of the hair as soon as we’re done with the back.

We use some hair spray about one inch away from the skull Before we start teasing.

So we make sure that comb back, it is And on both sides of the hair as well.

After the completion of the back you comb You may want to secure it with a bobby pin as well.

You can push it forward.

Rest Bring hair to the side and tie in a ponytail.

Now we remove the pin Bobby, bring back combing down, ordered it and secure it with another Bobby pin.

Well now it seems neat.

Now we come back on clean hair use some hair spray and use a tail comb for Bring everything back.

Clean hair will help us cover all of the curly hair Comb back and guarantee this with another Bobby pin.

Now you divide your ponytail into two sections, use some hair spray and comb your teasing To tease out and create a round ball so that there is some body and pin it in with Pins.

You need to pin this in true to make sure This is a very tight and secure and make sure it does not fall apart.

We can also fan It.

You, then pony tail section to three or Four parts and use them to cover the hair that we teased.

You can lock your hair clean Pins with the “U”.

You can swirl around your hair to give it some curls flat You do this with the rest of the sections of hair around the hair teased.

Now you can work with this hair and do the same thing.

Use it to cover.

You may want to spray some hair spray so that there is less fly away hair, section It’s a spiral again.

Just arrange it.

We can now move forward.

Now we will work with two of the sections we left earlier So we remove the pins, comb the hair together, use your hair spray at the back, Give it a very slight tease, and comb it, bring it back and secure with Bobby pin.

Now start working on the other side.

So we take some clean hair from this section of hair, and secure it with a pin and Bobby Push it to the side.

Now we’re going back combing the sidelines We are going to do this in sections as well.

hair gel So we take our hair combed back in front, creating a nice folding side pin It.

We then make clean hair we pushed along over it and pin it again.

We do almost.

With the rest of the hair, we’re gonna create a simple vortices feels like I did earlier with just pin them “U” pins However we do with the 1950 glamorous hairstyle.

This is Bubbly J.

Thank you for watching.