Hairstyles In A Bun
Hairstyles In A Bun

Hairstyles In A Bun

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Hairstyles In A Bun
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Hairstyles In A Bun – Hey curlfriends and welcome back! In today’s tutorial, I’m going to show youguys how to create these cornrows into a bun on natural hair.

It’s a great bad hair day fix.

I’m starting off on super moisturized hair.

This is my twistout after I got my trim.

If you missed that video, be sure to checkthat out.

I went ahead and split my hair into two (thefront from the back).

I pretty much just started parting from earto ear.

I’m creating my crown section which will bemy main focal point section.

All of the proceeding braids will fall underneaththis middle section.

First things first, we’re going to defineand separate this section by creating small little braids around that middle section.

I pretty much just parted off a small sectionand I’m just wetting the hair as I go to create these small cornrows outlining that middlesection.

Moving on to my two large flat twists, I’mseparating those two on the right side.

I’m just going to start from the ear to createanother small braid which is going to define that flat twist.

I’m just following the shape of my head.

I curved it upwards to give that illusionof it following the shape of my head.

I’m just going to continue to outline thatsmall section.

I created another small section to braid tooutline that flat twist.

Essentially, I have that middle section, asmall braid to separate it, a large section, a small braid to separate it, another largesection and the small section above my ear.

The two large sections will be flat twisted.

It’s pretty much a two strand twist in whichyou add hair as you go so that it lays nice and flat on the scalp.

I know that you guys are probably wondering,why am I not using any product.

My hair was so moisturized ya’ll, that I didn’teven need any product to make it nice and shiny and polished.

This is the benefits of having super nice,trimmed and healthy hair.

If you want to, or if you would like, youcould use your own styler or gel to get an even more polished look.

But, this was enough for me.

I pretty much just wanted a really low manipulationhairstyle; something really simple to give me something different from my usual buns.

To hold my flat twist in place, I’m prettymuch just using these small little rubber bands to hold everything together.

I laid down my edges and that entire rightsection is complete.

I’m just going to repeat the exact same stepson the opposite side which is my left side.

Here’s that middle section again.

I’m creating small little cornrows on theopposite of the middle section to define it.

Then I’ll have a large flat twist section,another small little braid, a large flat twist section with the small braid right above theear.

As you guys can see here, I pretty much justdefined that entire middle section.

It’s separated from everything else.

It will be my last and final focal point.

In the meantime between time, I just wentahead and flat twisted that down; not the two strand flat twist but just a basic flattwist down to separate it so that I’m able to work on that left side.

I could technically leave it just like thiswithout a styler.

In the end, I’m going to end up using somegel so that it’s nice and polished.

This is a simple and easy hairstyle to create,especially if you’re working on your hair by yourself and you cannot part the back ofyour hair to get super crisp parts.

Having this first half of your hair done andstyled in a design, makes it look like you’ve put a lot of effort into your hair withouthaving to risk having sloppy sections in the back.

As you guys can see, I’m moving on to my nextsmall definition braid.

It’s pretty much just wrapping around thetwo flat twist sections; the large flat twist sections.

Then I’ll just jump right into those flattwists; the two flat twists.

Because the middle of our head is going tobe our focal point, you want to make sure that you’re flat twisting towards the topof your head.

Flat twist up vs down.

You want to direct the attention on the hairstyletowards that focal top point.

Now, for the grand finale, I’m going aheadand brushing this middle section up with some Eco Styler gel so that it comes out nice andpolished.

Then I pretty much just grab the hair andflat twist it.

I’m just grabbing it, twisting it and grabbinghair as I go so that this twist lays nice and flat to the scalp just like a cornrowwould.

When I get to the top, I’m just using a smallrubber band as usual to hold everything in place.

As you guys can see, it has a nice 3D kindof hump effect.

It’s pretty much the focal point.

It’s one of the largest sections of this hairstyle.

Now you’re hairstyle is pretty much complete.

I’m just using a Goody hair elastic to puteverything all together and create this large puff ponytail/bun.

Using the large Goody hair elastic, I wrapit around twice.

I’m just pulling it like a drawstring.

I’m pulling it towards the top.

I pretty much just laid the Goody hair elasticright where the rubber bands are so that it sits right on the top of my head.

Now you can wrap this around to create a puffponytail or bun, whichever hairstyle that you please.

That is pretty much it! It’s a really simple hairstyle.

It gives your hairstyles a lot more edge andspice to it like you actually put in some effort.

I hope you guys enjoyed this, I love you guysand I’ll see you guys in the next video!.