Hairstyles For Short Hair Boys
Hairstyles For Short Hair Boys

Hairstyles For Short Hair Boys

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Hairstyles For Short Hair Boys
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Hairstyles For Short Hair Boys –  Welcome back to Millennial Moms.

I’m Ginger, and today I’m gonna show you a beginner’s haircut for boys.

(kissing sound) This haircut is simpleand it saves our family about $60 a month.

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Okay, before we getstarted, I’m gonna show you the tools that we’re gonna need.

A spray bottle with water in it, clippers, guards, sharp scissors, combs, and a trimmer.

The trimmer is optional, you can get by with just your clippers.

First, I’m gonna start with the sides and back of his head.

I have the number threeguard on my clippers.

The proper techniqueis to buzz straight up from the bottom and to rock out and away from the head at the top.

Then maintain that line around the circumference of the head.

(buzzing) Before you trim thetop with your scissors, use your water bottle to get the hair wet so it’s easier to work with.

If your kid wants to looklike Sonic the Hedgehog, then just stop right here.

– What? – But if you wanna givehim a nice haircut, comb that hair forwardand take the front section between your fingers andcut at the desired length.

Use the length of thisfront part as your guide as you trim the rest of his hair in just this section.

Now that you’ve gone from front to back, you can double check the length by going from one side to the other.

If you’re gonna messup during this haircut, you either already have oryou’re going to right now because this next stepis the most technical, so pay attention.

With his head perfectly centered, hold your blending combstraight up and down and cut off any excessthat’s showing through.

A blending comb needs to be at least as wide as your clippers.

If you’re careful anddo this the right way, that’s how you blendthe bottom with the top and get rid of that harsh line.

(buzzing) What’s gonna make this looklike a professional haircut is trimming a nice line on the neck and around the ears.

(buzzing) Okay, now we’re done and it’s really as simple as that.

Just take your time and remember that practice makes perfect.

Thanks for watchingMillennial Moms, I’m Ginger.

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Alright, we’ll see you guys next time.