Hairstyles For Long Hair Boys
Hairstyles For Long Hair Boys

Hairstyles For Long Hair Boys

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Hairstyles For Long Hair Boys
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Hairstyles For Long Hair Boys – Intro Hi It’s April with Hair 101.

Today We’re going to do a haircut on Tayden He is my cute little neighbor.

It’s called the slick rick, right?? right? Is that what it’s called?And he’s gonna get it for his back to school.

so basically what it is.

It’s really short just an open blade clipper.

And it has a non blended line all the way around.

And then the top of it it’s just going to be probably half of what this is.

Probably short and then we’ll sweep it to the side throwback haircut.

but it’s really fun.

but he’s going to look awesome.

So we’re going to go ahead and start he’s already had this haircut so we’re just trimming it up.

You’re going to start on the right side and just open your clippers this is open.

Okay I better show you.

for people that don’t know.

So this is closed where it’s really short.

it cuts a lot shorter.

This is open it gives you a tiny bit more length.

So you have this little lever on the side of your clippers.

just make sure it’s as tall and open asit can get and then you’ll start and go from the ear and just make it all the way up.

With your hand.

hold the hair on the top away so you’re not going to cut any of that just keep doing that aroundand you don’t have to be 100% perfect on your line right here.

Just make it really close.

Because you can go back through with the peanut clippers and clean it up when you’re done.

awesome alright and you can see sometimes there’s the little lines in the hair.

it’s just how the hair grows.

or it could be something with the clippers.

So you need to cross check it.

so you can go back in.

and go a different direction against the grain that you were going.

and it should just clean it up.

You see that? so any of those little problems can be fixed with that are you getting itchy? nope! alright we’re just moving around the side here.

you got some little scars on you head.

Did you fall down and get a bump? you’re a boy.

For sure! all the way there we go.

Ok look straight right here.

You want to make sure when you’re doing the sides they’re looking straight so you don’t have a crooked line to go off of.


so now just go through and check.

you see this little cowlick.

We’re going to take some of that off so with stuff like this.

This might be from when he slept on it.

since his hair was dried you can take the clippers really softly and blend it in.

But we’re also going to cut that later that’s just a little trick you can just play with it alright so now we’re going to do the top now So, we’re going to cut with scissors on the top.

So we’re going to spray it and get it wet it’s a lot easier to cut wet hair with scissors than dry hair and it’s better for your shears too alright so i’m going to start on the right front side and what we’re going to do we’re going to take it up like this.

And right about where your fingers start.

You’re just going to cut that off.

There we go.

and we’ll do that all the way around ok, so if you have a cowlick on the very top of the head that sticks straight up.

and you don’t want to do that.

you’ll want to leave a little bit more length back there.

so on this back part we can take it up a little bit and chip away that way when it lays down it’s still going to have.

That look of having it combed over and not short and spiky lets turn this around so this is going to be where most people have a cowlick so we’ll just take it up and chop it out it still has enough length to where it can lay down ok so we’re just going to go and take half of the length off of the top.

And it should blend into your edges when i pulled it up you could see there was about that much length on the side that was shorter.

i’ll do it again right here and show you.

See this? it’s short long and short because of what we did before.

so you’ll go through that top section and chip it out I like point cutting for stuff like this because it needs to look blended.

we’re also going to go through with the thinning shears to blend it a little more so you can see right here on this side.

that the line dips down a little bit now that we got that hair out of the way.

we can clean this up so we’re going to go through with our clippers.

on this underneath part again and we’re going to do this okay so now you can take this and softly draw in the line you want to keep it as straight as you can and i’m not pushing this really hard against the head.

I’m just softly making that little cleaner shape you got a little itch on your ear bud?? there you go.

All better right?? there we go so then i’ll take the comb up right here to blend it there you gonow we’ll do the same thing on the other side so i’m combing that hair down to make sure we don’t have any long pieces and just very lightly not pushing into his scalp.

Going through and giving it a little bit more of a solid line looknow if you push all the way down onto the scalp you’re going to get too hard of a line.

Because it’s going to cut a little bit more than what you have down here.

And so if you do that.

You’ll have to go through with the clipper closed all the way like that and redo all the edges so it blends.

so you can fix it if it does happen.

but you’re not going to want to do that.

i’m sticking the comb up underneath and pulling it downwardand taking just a little bit of the edge off and that gives it the blended lookalright lets have a look at this so the only thing i see now is just this little spot right here where it’s kind of like a cowlick you’re going to make sure by getting it wet.

Just to see what it’s doing i’m going back through it with the scissors it’s just a little bit long and also stuff like this is really really easy to fix with your shears your thinning shears i’m going to go back through with the thinning shearsand clip into all of the ends just on the tips we have a little bit of a long spot.

and there it is a little bit longer on this side where he’d have a little spike poking up when we comb it over.

so that’s ok just hit itwith the thinning shears, and if it looks good when it’s done leave it.

It’s better than having a piece of hair sticking up right there alright and look in the mirror.

Let’s see if we got it all.

there we have it.

Let’s give you a good spin there is our slick rick haircut thanks for being my little model today you did good.

Thanks everyone.

we’ll see you next time.