Haircuts For Women With Long Hair
Haircuts For Women With Long Hair

Haircuts For Women With Long Hair

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Haircuts For Women With Long Hair
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Haircuts For Women With Long Hair – we are ready to give her a new fun haircutso we did the initial chop off took most of the length off and we colored itso if you want to watch the color technique the link to that video is going to be right here you can go back and forthand this haircut is also at the end of that video if that makes sense they are together but they are separateto save on some time we are going to start by parting her hair where she naturally wears it so the fronts parted where it’s supposed to beI always center it up back hereso I can have the back right down the middleso part that back section right down the middlein a T parting so we are going to do the Tright at the top of the head down to just behind the ear this is going to help us keep everything organizedso i’ll pin this one up she has a lot of hair so we have to texturize this so it doesn’t get big and huge and puffy so I have the T parting in the backand I’m going to take a section just at the roll of the head back here.

so it’s just where her head starts to flatten out right in the backhere if you were to lay a comb on it and go straight or like perpendicular to a wall that’s where that role of the head is on the back of the head we are going to do it right there slightly diagonal forwardbecause we want a little more length in the front and that will help us to have a good guide to just be able to seethat there’s a line diagonal like thatand i’m going to do the same on this side too and try and make sure that your angles are the samemake sure they go to the same point in the ear on both sidesso with this cut it’s going to be pretty blunt but also have lots of texture we won’t be doing any elevation with the layers and everything’s gonna be at naturalfall and then we’ll go through and we’ll texture out some of the hair so it’s not so bulky I’m going to have her slightly tip her head forward and draw in or cut in a nice straight line back here and you can see from where we cut her pony tail there’s the line right there that’s left over from the pony tail I’m going to start right there and clean up and then I’m slightly pulling this in the diagonal direction just a little bit so that we have a little bit more length on the frontbut i’m not lifting it up off of her headi’m keeping it down at natural fall but over direct itso it’s directed this way but not lifted away from the head if we’re trying to make a weight linewe’d be pulling her hair up to here cutting it and then that would make layered weight line right herebut since we want it to be pretty solid we are keeping it all straight down like this try and keep the line pretty straightthen we are doing to do the same thing on the other side you can even comb this down and see if you have any long pieces and you can cut them off so the other sidewe are going to be pulling the hair this way now try to keep your shears a similar angle to this parting so it’s keeping a little bit of length from the front I always check on this first partto make sure they are the same length on the ends this one is a little bit longerso I know that I need to take this angle a little bit different then i’m going to do the same thing and roll the hair down onto the cape you don’t want to dig the comb into their headyou want to do it like thisand then you roll it flipping it out so it smoothes it right down onto their backthen you can see any spots that have a little bit more length in them there we go just to make surethat’s much better still a little bit long right in here then when you comb everything down at the natural fall of the hair it should be a little bit of a scoop shape so there’s our guidethat’s what we’re going to be using for the rest of these sections in the back you can take down an inch at a time oneach side and then just cut it to that same guide that you have just made it won’t even meet for some of itbut make sure you check anyway there’s one right there now we’re going to go to the sideskind of the same how we did the color pin that up and continue this angleso this is going to be getting pulled back to the back of the hair and cut straight on this line right hereand it’s all ready there because of the way we cut it in the pony tail we’re just cleaning up and making sure both sides are even because when you cut the ponytail off sometimes one’s a little bit longer so we’re pulling it all back here and you can see the guide right herewe’re going to go in and cut that off and this side that she has her hair parted over to the part that has more hair on it is thickerso i’m taking more sections on this side and bringing them down in smaller sections at a time to match up what I already have cut back to that guide right here so I’m just making sure that there isn’tanything longer on the top in the middle here you canjust point cut them out if there’s longer little pieces thatcan reach over and then I’m gonna show you how to getthis one cut.

so in the front here it’s really hard to get it to be a straight line because the hair comes over so quick that it lays on top of each other it’s hiding behind underneath the guide so you need to go in here like this and take sections then comb those back a little bit at a time until you find that guide underneathso right there.

there’s the guide so that one matches up with the other side we need to make sure that this hair does toso we are going to take tiny sections 1/4th to 1/2 inchand slowly comb them over just a little bit at a timethen you can see the little difference between the guide and the guide doesn’t get lost you can see when you lift it up it’s under there just a little bit more needs to come offand it’s so close because of the way we cut it in the pony tail at first sometimes you can’t.

don’t lose yourguide if you’re losing your guide you need to take smaller sections see here we goit’s a lot easier to see that those hairs are long now and you can cut them off another small section againreally like 1/4 inch it’s worth the extra time to make sure you’re not losing your guide under heresee all of this is hidden from when it was all pulled backso when you have all the hair smoothed down and pulled back to this back line down hereyou will have this little C shape.

you’ll see hereit’s like a mini rainbow and that’s what we want that’s where we are going to get the length in the front see when it comes up here you still have all this pretty length I have to point out one other thingsince we didn’t part her hair right in the middle this pulls a little bit longer because the hair is traveling from a further distance to the guide so it’s a little bit longer over here wecan adjust that when it’s dry sometimes people like it to be a littleasymmetric but it’s really easy just to take thisand point cut it out to make it look like it is the same length even thoughit is a little bit longer right now that’s because of the way we pulled it backso if you part the hair straight down the middle and do it then it will be even on bothsides but then if you were to part where theydo part it and pull it over this hair would be shorter because you cut it over hereso that’s why I always leave it this way because I can eyeball itwhen it’s dry and make it look right so I’m going to texturize her hair now and we are going to take we have thebasic cut in now so I’m going to take in the back and part it right down the middle and then section off againthe same way we started before that back sectionbut i’m not going to T part the front this time I will put it all up in a big clipit doesn’t matter if it’s angle forward back here because we are not putting the basic cut in no we’re just texturingnow i’m going to take this back section and i’m going to take sections like this and pull them out and i’m going to put the shears in and slither out some of this bulk and i’m going to do just a few until it starts to be more see through but not too thin we just want movement and texture in the hair you don’t want to take like a cut you’rejust sliding the shears in they should be sharp enough to slide it down the hair shaft all the way to the end and remove some of that bulkso i’m going to move from the middle to the right and then go back to the middle andstart moving this way just to keep it organized inch sectionsi’m pulling these out but not cutting the ends off because that would be layering and we are just texturizing so we’re just gonna go in here slide down with the shears you can also use a razor for this it’s up to you whatever you want to do if you don’t wanna try this techniquethen you can use the razor you can see her hair still looks pretty solidit’s not making it look like we have a bunch of layers in it you can pull out the color where we wantso if you have a darker chunk and you want to get rid of that you can lift up the dark chunk and cut it out and leave the lighter piece or you can take out some of the light if you think that there’s a little bit too much lightin there you can customize the cut to the color another technique is just pulling itstraight down and just taking a little bit out this wayso i’m done with this side i’m going to move over here slightly off-center towards the left then in the bottom doing a few down this back section is looking betterthere we go.

one more right here okay so now I’m going to take another section downand it’s going to be from the top of the head to the ear and I don’t need clips any moreI should be able to move the hair with a combso I’m going to section off this back section comb all the front forwardto section that off there we go the same thing I’m going to start right in the back middlei’m going to lower this chair down so I’m going to start back here I’m going to take it from the roll of the head up nowbecause this has all been texturized we can leave it alone I do it in sections like that because it’s hard to lift that when this is laying on top of ityou do have to do that one first to get it done and out of the way and then I’m gonna go through and doingthe same technique starting underneath and running the shears down the hair shaft and thinning out and you have to go off of feel if you have to say oh does it feel too thick still??? you’ll get used to it as you do it and ifyou don’t take an enough you can go through when it’s dry and take a little bit more with some other techniques I’ll show you how to do that most of the time I don’t take quite enough and that’s safe because you can always take a little bit moreif you go crazy and take too much then you cut too much out of the haircut and you don’t have any from any more and you lose the basic shape for the haircut sothat’s not good.

Is Daisy home??? Is that my kindergartner?? how are you today???can I have one piece of candy?? can I have one piece of candy??do you think you deserve a piece of candy?? yes!!!why??? I don’t know.

What did you do that was awesome today?? Mmmmm i did this whole back section now I’m going through and lifting it up straight and sliding sliding the scissors down the hair shaft to give it a little bit of peekaboo ability that not even a word peek-a-boo ability because we have all these pretty high lights underneath I’m taking this top section and slicing out a section of hair so that it can show the highlights underneath peek-a-boo ability that is what it is we need to do the front now and there’s a lot less hair in the front because it just there’s the ear there obviously there’s not as much hair so you don’t have to go as crazy on the texturing I like to do some down in the ends I’m going to do it the same way we were doing it on the other side straight down like this digging into it this way lifting it out and having it this way I think that would shave it too much this is a little bit more conservative this piece up here you can point cut into it so it doesn’t have quite as much length what I do.

I usually comb it straight down and then find the guide over here I point cut and round it out a little bit because it usually comes to a really sharp point and I found it out this way and that takes care of the extra length on the front like I said some people might like that extra long asymmetric piece in the front so you can leave it if they want that just talk to them about that I didn’t ask you but you don’t get to keep it 🙂 whatever you want April figured you’d say that especially this side is the thinnest side because we have a part on this side pulling all this extra hair to that side so this is definitely the spot on the hair that you need to be the most careful with your texturing because if you take too much then it just won’t look right you need to be really careful I’m doing a little on the ends here maybe a tiny bit up in here okay I think it’s time to dry this up and see how the color turned out what do you think?? great! Yes!! I think it’s still too thick and heavy over here right in this section.

so I’m going to take it up I’m going to take a section like this and take it straight up and fan out the ends and I’m going to point cut into the ends I’m even going to take some of this section out when it’s dry you need to talk with the scissors you can’ just slide them because that will pull their hair so when it’s dry you need to go up and down like this and slowly move the scissors down the hair shaft and that’s really going to pop out some more movement in her hair I’ll show you one more time so it’s this tiny little move your thumb shake your thumb a little bit.

and that should take out some of the bulk and you can see what’s going on in the hair a little bit better when it’s dry so I like doing some detail cutting at the end anyway so what I’m doing is I’m digging my knuckle in and pulling the hair straight out and then right here I’m digging my knuckle in to fan it out a little bit that’s helping me to get the hair to spread out so I’m not cutting too much of the shape out alright so this is our shoulder length Balayage haircut you like it?? Yes, I like it??are you in shock?? Yes.

good shock! good shock okay!I’m going to flat iron it she has a few waves that okay if I flat iron it?? Yes she has a little bit of wave and this should take care of it then you will get your finished product Here you guys have itIt is so fun and short and the peek-a-boo colors are really fun I can’t believe she cut off like 20 inches of hair ha ha ha it’s summer time though coming soon it’s spring we’re getting ready for summer with shorter hair for her and I hope you guys liked this video let me know what you think and let me know what you guys want to see for next time and we’ll see you guys later.