Haircut With Line
Haircut With Line

Haircut With Line

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Haircut With Line
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Haircut With Line – Hi, I’m Casey I’m with Elements University.

I’m here on behalf of Expert Village.

In this segment I’m going to show how to go aheadand clean up the neck line using your clippers.

On my client as you can see we need to goahead and clean up this hair; make the line a little bit straighter.

So all I’m goingto do is you kind of want to stand back a little bit from your client, you want to comein kind of follow that natural hair line of theirs, you want to make your line first withyour clippers that’s just going to outline everything for you.

You want to go ahead andstep back a little bit make sure that the line is straight, make sure too that yourclients head is straight up and down and not kind of tilted somewhere.

Cause if that’sthe case your line is going to go the way to there heads tilted and at this point you’regoing to go ahead and remove the cape.

Take the neck strip off and what we’re going todo is we’re going to kind of loosen up the collar a little bit and we’re going to comeunderneath the collar to make sure we get all of this hair.

Especially on older gentlemenand you’re just going to come up lightly, you don’t want to press too hard when you’reusing the neck trimmers.

You’re just going to come up the neck and clean up all thoselittle hairs.

I’m going to take my towel, I’m going to wipe off those little hairs goahead and refasten your cape.

Stay tune for the next segment and I’m going to show youhow to go ahead and clean up around the ears using your clippers.