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Haircut Tip
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Haircut Tip – Hello everyone, welcome to Slikhaar TV.

I’m Emil, today I would like everyone to disclose the secret of my hair art.

So Katerina, you’ll cut my hair on both sides, right? Yes, it is.

We will look at both sides of repair, there is a perfectly good shape, and then do a great hairstyle.

Do not go away Oh! Now is my favorite part: the making hairstyle.

I can not wait I want to show you the way.

I’ll put the hair dryer, I was simultaneously inspired by classic and modern styling, so this is a great combination.

This is my everyday hairstyle.

Well, we now have a new product.

I’m looking forward to showing it to everyone.

But first I’ll blow dry my hair, and then do modeling.

I also brought some of our doing modeling tool, very excited to show it to you! We must take the hair before drying separately, so that hair will go in the right direction.

Ah, this is a very commendable comb! It is made of carbon fiber, which is an anti-static material, so when do hair very easy to use.

Then I still use a hairbrush 9 rows of rubber.

This can better control the hair.

I will dry hair comb with your fingers, so you can not feel the hair is still wet.

If the hair is still wet, it will hit the roll, I do not want that.

So I continue to dry.

Why I’m here to say, because it is easy to forget the hair is completely dry, until the back of the hair root They are dry.

We are always the first blow in front, which is why I want to emphasize here.

Now my hair had a great texture, but I want a new product By Vilain to enhance it: By Vilain Blow.

It would have been applied to the hair root to increase hair volume.

We developed this product for almost a year, its formulation and packaging to ensure that it is unique.

In fact, you can spray it directly onto the hair, very convenient to use.

However, I do not like I do! I’ll show you how to use.

Remember to shake it before use.

You can also spray your hands.

Stereotypes powder has a strong setting ability, as you can see, my hair texture is great.

I can freely play with hair.

Because after drying, my hair will remain basically the position where the drying time.

The last point may be hair spray, but I like to use my favorite products: By Vilain Dynamite Clay.

It will have a strong role in shaping, as well as matte effect.

It concluded that a small suggestion: if you are accustomed to using hair spray, then you need to shape how strong or how few, You can add a little Sidekick.

Some like to do so in the palm point.

until you feel a little sticky hands.

It can get a little sticky.

This is my new hairstyle everyday.

If you want to look more casual, you can comb it with your fingers.

then around to comb it.

If you want more elegant, you could use a hairbrush or comb.

Such tress be smoother, tighter fit.

This is determined by you! I want to know your views on this hairstyle, Please leave a comment in the comments box below.

This helps us a lot.

And do not forget to tell what we want to see in the next issue.

It also asks where you can buy these products, You can easily find links above here, or can also be found in the following description of the video inside.

Then you can go to our website.

We will again!.