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Haircut Quiz
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Haircut Quiz – The livestream we just finished, the girl who said that she could see V, I was just like— That was creepy.

– Damn, girl! You got a keen eye, boy! – Keen eye! – That’s my bad eye though, so that would, that.

– I can see the glitterhighlight that you used from me.

That’s mine.

(upbeat electronic music) Hand me that bird.

Who is he? Why is he here? Or she.

– I don’t know.

We got it, I don’t rememberexactly where we got it but– (grunting) don’t do that! He like lights up when you– – Oh my god! – When you touch both of them it like, finishes the electriccurrent or something.

So when you touch them both.

I liked sometimes to like, put like a little tinybit of water on the bottom and then have him on allnight in the bathroom.

So if I woke up that it wouldbe glowing in the bathroom.

– Can I have him? – No! – Why not? – Because he’s ours! – It’s a party! – He’s cute and he’s mine! (both humming) – I heard you singing that earlier and I don’t know what it is.

– Oh, I need to show you that.

– It’s probably K-pop.

– (gasping) Oh, we should show her, ohh, that’s the next episode, I’ve figured it out, okay, I’m gonna show you that.

– That’s the next episode! – We’re gonna react to, okay.

Hey! Listen, we need to talk about BTS Hairstyle Quiz! – You have to guess the BTS member by their hair and nothing else.

– Yes, and the kindaoutline of their head.

– I’m really bad.

I can’t tell the difference between any of them aside from Rap Mon, that’s the only one I know.

– Yeah, and you won’thave his face either, you’ll just have the hair, so you just have to guess.

– I’m gonna get none of these right.

She told me, I got here and she’s like so I’m gonna have you take this BTS quiz for Kawaii Happii.

I was like okay, she was like you have to guess them by their hair color! I was like, or their hair– – Hairstyle.

– Okaaay.

And she was like yeah, I got 100.

I was like, 100 what? She was like 100%! 21 out of 21.

– I got a 20 out of 21 but then I retook it ’cause I cringed so hard at myself.

I was like no! I got that one wrong! Ohh, I shoulda known! – Yeah, you got 20 out of 21 your first try! (giggling) – Because they’re such vibrant colors! – But they change their hair all the time! – I know but I love all the music videos and I’ve watched them all, so I know! – I haven’t.

I’m not gonna, it’ll be a miracle if I can get one right.

That’s not gonna happen.

– Let’s begin.

– Okay.

I can’t see.

That was stylish.

I need glasses to see.

Ugh, I look like somebody’s grandma.

– It’s okay.

– So first one.

Dark red hair.

Suga, Jungkook, Jimin, or V.

– Soo-ga! Suga! Like sugar without the r.

– Um, I really don’t know.

Like I don’t know at all.

You have a figurine of V back here, I didn’t even think that was V! (laughing) I was like, the one behind him is V! No.

– No, that’s J-Hope.

(laughing) – I’m gonna guess Jungkook.

Ohh yeah!!! – You got it right! You got it right, that one.

– Like peppermint, not peppermint, like mint hair.

– Mint.

Mint hair.

– That looks like the color Rap Mon had when he had like acorn hair.

– This is like theperson’s most iconic hair.

Like one of the most favorited.

– V? – No! (shrieking) It’s Suga.

– Dang! He has a tattoo on his hand? – Well, it’s a fake tattoo, but it’s still cool.

– Oh.

I was like since when? I was about to say this one’s V, but V isn’t an option here.

(laughing) It’s dark brown.

J-Hope, Jimin, Soo-ga.

Or Jin- You can say Suga.

I like to say Suga.

– I really don’t know.

And, okay, the minute Rap Mon comes up as an option, and if it is Rap Mon and I get it wrong, I’m gonna cry.

Okay! Suga? – No! (shrieking) It’s J-Hope! – You never know! Oh no.

(laughing) Purple, it’s Jin, Rap Monster, V, or Jimin.

(giggling) I don’t know what to do.

– Don’t get emotional.

It’s okay.

– If this is Rap Monster and I don’t, if I don’t pick Rap Monster and it’s Rap Monster, I’m gonna be really ashamed of myself, so I’m just gonna pick Rap Monster.

(laughing) Oh, thank god! I didn’t think it was Rap Monster! – It was, it was, it was.

Don’t worry, you got your husband right, it’s fine.

– That’s not Rap Monster, he’s never had that hair.

Bright orange? Ugh.

It looks like a literal orange.

(laughing) I’m gonna guess Jimin.

– No! – I don’t know their names! – It’s V! – I thought it was Vbut then I’m like nah.

Okay, backward hat– – I’m copying their poses.

That’s my new thing.

I like how they cut out his hand, too.

Like his hand is gonnagive away who it is.

– J-Hope! – No, it’s Jimin! – Ahhh! Alright, I got two outof six right so far.

How many questions are there? 21? – Yeah, 21.

– Oh no.

Light brown hair.

It’s Rap Monster, Jungkook– – Yeah, they’ve all hadlight brown hair before, like these are the onesthat I got confused ’cause they all have brown hair.

– I don’t know what to do.

– Do you want a hint? – Yeah? Tell me who it’s not.

– It’s not Rap Monster.

You can know that.

– Jin, j, j? (clicking) – Ohhhhh, I was like no no no! It’s the pink princess! – Okay.

This is Jungkook, Suga, Rap Monster, or V.

Blond hair in a headband? Or a hat with no rest of the hat? – It’s a headband.

– Hat with no rest of the hat.

(laughing) – They like to wear the headbands.

– Okay, okay, is it Rap Monster? – I’m not gonna tell you who it is, I’m gonna give you a hint.

– Gimme a hint.

– It’s not V.

– I’m just gonna click Rap Monster.

– You got it right again! – I’m literally, every time Rap Monster’s name comes up that’s just what I’m gonna pick.

I feel like it’s Suga, I also feel like Jungkook, I also feel like it’s V, and I also feel like it’s J-Hope, but those are all my options.

Jungkook? Suga? – You’re just looking at my body posture to see if I’m like cringing at you or not.

– J-Hope? (clicking) – No, no, no! (shrieking) I was just like oh no! No! Oh, no! – Who is this? Okay, Rap Monster’s an option.

– This is my favorite hair on this person.

And that’s my hint.

I’m not gonna tell you.

I can’t tell you! It’s not Rap Monster.

There you go, there’s a little weightoff your shoulders.

(clicking) Yay!!! – That was a guess! I guessed V.

Oh god.

This isn’t Rap Monster! He’s never had hair like that.

It’s dark purple-brown-blue-black? – It’s like a dark purple-black.

– Dark purple-brown-blue-black.

I’m gonna guess.

Jungkook? (clicking) – All right! He’s so small! Why are you copying him? I thought, I didn’t knowif you were copying him or you were like just likewere choking on something.

(laughing) ‘Cause you’re just like.

– Okay.


It’s Jimin, Suga, V, or J-Hope.

– I assumed with this one, this is one of the ones I got wrong.

– If you got it wrong I’mnot gonna get it right! Eeny meeny miney mo, catch a tiger by his toe, if it hollers let it go, my mother said to pick the very best one and you are it! But I don’t wanna pick Jiminso I’m gonna click Suga.

(clicking) – No! – This looks like the same hair.

Dark red? Oh, that’s brown.

Jin, Jimin, Jungkook, or V.

– This person barely has changedhairstyles until recently.

– I still, that doesn’t help me so whatever! – I’m trying to helpwithout giving away names! – Tell me what it starts with, tell me what it starts with’cause if you say j, uh.

– It’s a j.

– Let’s go with Jin! – Yay! – I guessed Jin ’cause theyhaven’t used him like at all.

I didn’t even, wait.

Jin and Jimin aren’t the same person? – No, they aren’t the same person.

Did you think they werethe same person? (laughing) – Pfft.


Oh! Wait, this is, oh.

I thought this is V, ’cause his hair back hereis parted like that– – No, no.

– I got really excited, I was like (clapping) I know! This isn’t Rap Monster, is it? – Oh, I’ll give you a hint.

(singing “DOPE” by BTS) – That doesn’t help me! – Just, the DOPE music video.

That’s what this hairstyle’s from.

(gasping) If you can rememberwhat they looked like.

– Didn’t Rap Mon have like, dark maroon, dark purple? No.

Is this Rap Mon? – It’s not Rap Monster.

– I think it’s Suga? (clicking) Clicked Suga anyways.

– No, it’s Jimin! This is making me cringe very hard.

– Suga, Jungkook, J-Hope, V.

– This was a hard one as wellbut I got it right magically.

– Can I Google? – No, you can’t Google! But this is from the Noera if that helps any.

– That doesn’t help me! – Okay, fine, let’s Google.

– No! I changed my mind.

– Okay, you changed your mind.

– Eeny meeny miney mo, catch a tiger by its toe, if it hollers let it go, my mother said to pick the very best one and you are it.

But I do not like you so I choose you.

I literally landed on the same one– – No, you didn’t miss! You were right! I’m like OMG her thing’sactually gonna do it right! But then you didn’t ’cause you said no.

(singing “N.

O” by BTS) ♫ Why does this happen to me ♫ I gave it my best ♫ Something something I’m actually tearing up, can you see it? – No, oh, I can! – I’m good.

– Don’t cry.

(sniffling) – Suck the pain in! This is Rap Monster! – Yay! (both clapping) – I didn’t tell by the hair, I could tell by the face shape.

Oh god I’m creepy.

(both laughing) Okay, dark brown hair.

J-Hope, Jin, Jungkook, or Suga.

(clicking) – No.

(groaning) I shivered, I shivered, did you see me shiver? – Yes.


This is not Rap Monster, he would never do that.

– I don’t think Jin’s ever had, no, he has had a forehead style.

That was a lie.

– This is V.

I mean, Suga.

I pick Suga.

(laughing and clapping) That was 18.

18, I’m sorry.

This isn’t Rap Monster.

– It’s not Rap Monster.

– Okay, good.

– Rap Monster’s never had like, a really horrible hairstyle.

– Black.

Jimin, Jungkook, or Jin.

– I can tell by theface shape on this one, I think.

Wait, the more I look atit the more it confuses me! I actually don’t know.



I think I know.

(clicking and shrieking) – No.

– Ah, yeah.

I shoulda stuck with my gut, that’s what I thought.

It was Jin.

– Who’s this? – Oh, this is the one I got wrong! – Suga.

Nope, just kidding.

Oh, it’s Jimin.

I hate my life.

But not really.

I love my life.

– This is the foreheadstyle that everyone wants to bring back, but I’m not gonna tell you on who because that would begiving away too much.

Like there’s literally a petition.

There’s a petition tobring this hairstyle back.

I’m not even kidding you.

There’s a petition.

You’re just gonna click random? (clicking) Yay! (laughing) She just moved her mouse around! – I got eight right! – Eight out of 21.

Ya did a pretty good job.

Ya did a pretty good job.

(laughing) – I think, I think, I think we should end it here while I have a littlebit of self-esteem left.

Don’t forget about these faces.

I’m so sad.

– Don’t be sad.

And click the littlered button down there.

– ‘Cause every click saves a whole Merit.

And a little bit of my self-esteem.

– Yes, and/or her channel.

(groaning) – Virtual hugs.

– I love you.

– She needs the hugs, give her the hugs.

– I’m so disappointed in myself.

– Don’t be, it’s okay.

– I’ll try again next timewith the Rap Mon quiz.

If I do badly on that that’s not okay.

(giggling) I’m gonna forget like that never happened.

(upbeat electronic music).