Haircut Prices
Haircut Prices

Haircut Prices

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Haircut Prices
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Haircut Prices – These look like glory holes.

(upbeat music) – I spend about about $150 for my haircut.

– 20 bucks.

– I don’t really show myhair for the most part, so I don’t need to spend much.

– 40, 50 dollars? – I have a feeling I’ll be good at telling which haircut is more expensive.

– Yeah, I think I’m gonna be really good at judging people’s hair.

– Absolutely not.

– I’m ready to try.

– All in.

Were you glad I washed my hair? (laughs) – Can you turn your headto the left, both of you, so I can see the sides, now to the right.

– They have the sides tapered around and then it transitionsinto like this fuo qua.

– This one looks like a moreprecise job like in the back.

So I’m gonna say thatthis is the expensive one, and this is the cheap one.

– [Producer] You are wrong.

– Dammit.

– Less expensive, thisis the more expensive.

– [Producer] Right.

– We got lucky on this one.

(laughs) – This is the expensivehaircut, right here.

This is the cheaper haircut.

– [Producer] Right.

– I am? – Opa! – This is the more expensive one.

And this is the less expensive one.

– [Producer] You were right.

(shouts) – It’s the layers.

– My hair is $30.

– Without color, mine is $50.

– You should go to his guy.

(bell dings) – You kinda have like bangs in the front.

– Kind of bangs, yeah.

– Hair smells like Pantene.

– If anybody’s hair isover $100, I’m screaming.

(laughs) – I think because of the double layer, that that’s more work.

– Did they cut your ends? – They cut my ends.

– Oh they f–ked up.

– This haircut is themore expensive haircut, and this haircut is the cheap haircut.

– [Producer] You are wrong.

– What? (laughs) – More expensive, less expensive.

– [Producer] Wrong.

– I believe this is themore expensive haircut, and this is the cheaper haircut.

– [Producer] Wrong.

– Okay, I had to get one wrong.

– More expensive, barely.

This one is less expensive.

– [Producer] Wrong.

– Mine was $100.

– You know how many tanksof gas that would fill? – $25.

I have a theory that the Santa Monica Supercutsis the best Supercuts.

The person who dog sitsfor Jennifer Lawrence gets her hair cut there.

– What? (bell dings) – Come, my little angels.

– Yours is very styled, nice and short.

– This is like a very Beatles haircut.

– You know, your hair reminds me of Harry Styles, the One Direction guy.

– Thank you! – I’m really jealous ofyour bangs situation.

– I’m gonna sniff now.

– His is more expensivecause I want his hair.

– [Producer] Right.

– Yay, oh, I am good at the boy ones now.

– More expensive, less expensive.

– [Producer] Wrong.

– This one looks like themore expensive haircut to me, and this one looks likethe cheaper haircut.

(dings) – This is the more expensiveone, this is the cheaper one.

– [Producer] You were right.

(shouts) – It’s the layers that are expensive.

– 95.

– Mine was 20.

– S–t! Sorry, excuse my language.

Man! That’s like a week’sworth of groceries for me.

– I spent $20.

– Oh, I got it, I saidit at the same time! Did you see that? (bell dings) – So, I’m gonna justpet the hair real quick to see which one’s softer.

– I feel like I’m looking at wigs.

– Is this considered layered? – Um, yes.

– Both your haircuts kinda look the same.

– Okay, your hair smells really good.

Your hair smells good butlike Whole Foods good.

– More expensive, less expensive.

– [Producer] Wrong.

– Her haircut is the more expensive, and hers is the cheap haircut.

– [Producer] Right.

– Yay! – This one is the more expensive haircut, and this one is the cheaper haircut.

– [Producer] Correct.

– That’s cool.

– Her hair is more expensivecause it’s coarser.

I feel like her hair is less expensive because her hair is not coarse.

– [Producer] Wrong.

(shouts) – Mine was $8.

– Wow!- Woah! – Cheaper than McDonald’s.

– Mine was $150.

– Ooh, they robbed you girl! (bell dings) – This was trickier thanI thought it would be.

– For those who are spending triple digit and near triple digit, I would take a long walk on the beach, and rethink some of thepriorities in their life.

– One of my favorite haircuts was the girl who got it done at Supercuts.

– $5 Uber pool, go over to Korea Town, go over to South Central,and get your hair cut there.

Cause you’re being fleeced,you’re walking into these salons and they’re like, handsup, it’s a stickup.

– As long as it looks good on you, it doesn’t matter if you spenda lot of money on your hair.

– Was gel included? – Was gel included? – The styling gel.