Haircut On The Side
Haircut On The Side

Haircut On The Side

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Haircut On The Side
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Haircut On The Side – I answered a lot of specific questions onthe last video, so just click on the uploader’s responses to see what I’ve already explained.

So I recorded this right after I got backfrom rugby practice, and therefore my hair is completely dry and unstyled.

That’s whatit looks like.

I use CONAIR brand clippers.

The cheapestones I found at Target.

They clippers don’t matter too much as long as you oil them everyonce in a while.

That was a number #1 guard.

What I’m doing is clicking the blades forward.

I’ll use this to fade.

You’ll that I’ll gradually click the blades back away from the guardas I progress.

Here I am cutting my shortest.

Now I am going 2nd shortest.

Now I’m 3 clicks back from where I began withthe blades.

I switch to a #2 guard, but I advance theblades as closest to the guard as possible, to fade the sides better.

I come back over the entire sides with a #2guard, to cut any stray hair.

You can sort of see how it’s been cut here.

Nowhere close to finished though.

Now I’ll be cutting the back with a #2 guard.

To clean up the hair growing past my hairline,I’ll use no guard.

As you can see the hair falls everywhere.

That’s why I am shirtless.

Now I am going to fade the back by going backover the area with a #1 guard with partially extended blades.

I am using this 3# guard to reduce some ofthe thicker and fluffier hair towards the top back of my head.

I’m planning on using scissors for the top,so I’m getting my head wet.

Here you can see just how my hair grows, thedivide is where the hair is growing straight upwards, as opposed to my heavy bangs whichlay down when wet.

And you can see I’ve cut my bangs a lot sincethe last video.

Now I’m just using scissors to shorten thetop, guys with thinner and flatter hair won’t need to do this.

Scissoring the back is pretty dangerous.


Here I am showing you how the sides of thetop have more hair to allow the top to blend with the sides.

Many novices make a mistakeby cutting this away, and ending up with a high and tight.

Now I’m evening out the blend with the sides.

I’ve kind of got some hair on my face.


I’m just touching up the back now.

I am thinning out the temple apex at thispoint.

It gives you a cleaner look.

I dislike when my sides touch my ears, andmany of you military guys will too.

Here I make sure it’s clean.

Here is what it looks like with just a fingertipfull of matte paste.

Alright, I hope this helps some of you guys.

Shout out to /fa/.