Haircut In Layers
Haircut In Layers

Haircut In Layers

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Haircut In Layers
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Haircut In Layers – Intro Photo okay today we’re going to show you howto do a long layered haircut.

and this haircut is really easyit’s simple it’s fun because you do it on dry hair so I’m just to make sure the hair is dry and straight we’re going to do this haircut dry.

It’s really hard to comb the hair straight up where we want to get it.

If it’s wet and long, also it’s easier to put the texture into the ends, because you can fan the hair out that’s why, if you wash it and just dry it then flat iron it.

then you can cut it as soonas it’s dry and straight.

Alright so she has such long hair i’m going to have her stand up.

I’m not going to have her sit down on a chair I’m going to sit down on a chair because it’s easier make sure that their feet are the same spot on the floor.

That one knee is not bent you want to make sure that their shoulders are straight looking straight ahead and then comb the hair down grab the middle section.

this is going to be your bottom length.

you need to decide how long you’re goingto leave it or how much you need to trim offi’m going to take about an inch and a half off i’m point cutting because i want her texture to be really soft.

I don’t want there tobe any hard lines in these layers so once you get that middle sectionthat’s your guide.

and you go from there.

Over so all her hair is coming back here in a straight line point cut line and this.

we’ll do some layers around the front a little bit later put them back together and look straight ahead.

There you go.

ok looks like we got all the split ends off the bottom you want to just make sure that they are even both sides.

Point cutting is really fun.

It gives it a really soft look on the end.

if you want you can go throughand cut it in once you get your length established just go through the bottom we’re not doing length anymore.

We’re just doing texture just texture these little ends go in and cut straight along with the hair and it texturizes those ends always make sure that their cape is over the chair.

Otherwise you have hair falling in between in their back and their clothes get all hairyalright so we’re going to pump her up a little bit here.

so this is what we’re going to do.

we’re going to take a part and we’re going to leave an inch to an inch and a half out of the perimeter of the front.

just take your fingers and start where it’s parted.

i just go down until i touch the earsthen i move up about an inch and then i go around to the back this whole section of hairis what we’re going to work with next.

and you’re going to pull all of it up.

It doesn’t have to be perfect just make sure that it’s not too low.

You don’t want to go below this bump, this roll in the head right here.

If you get down to low you’re taking too much out of the bottom so for this we want to keep it right around the crown and so you have this shape.

it comes to a point up here by the earsbut you still have an inch down here about an inch and a half all the way around okay so now i’m going to lower the chair as much as I can.

you might want to have them sit on a stool so you can get high enough,Because you’re going to comb all of this hair up.

straight up from their head all the way up until you’ve got it pretty good and then just hold it there.

You don’t need to have the ends all the way you’re going to comb this down back here.

This is where we’re going to get our guide.

We’re going to take a piece from the back.

so we’re getting our guide from the back.

Grab a piece right there and you’re going to pull it all the way up until you see that.

that’s how much we’re going to cut off her layers.

now that seems REALLY scary but I promise you.

It will look great.

this is where we’re going to cut.

so bring your fingers up to where you’re going to cut and then take all this hair and you are point cutting downDON’T CUT YOUR FINGERS in big chunks.

All the way off there.

You can tip it the other way to make it easier So now you have that length established.

check it one more time.

Bring it up bring your guide down here.

Bring it all the way up.

see i’m still a little bit long.

So i’m going to take about another inch off of this point cut.

always point cut when you do this.

And fan the hair out a little bit so there’s no solid yucky lines in there so now you have.

then length so you keep it up here and you fan it out.

The way i do this is comb it straight and then dig my knuckles in and it makes a really pretty fan put the comb right there and your thumb can hold on to it.

then chunk out like you did on the ends fan it really soft and get big chunks to take out in it.

Go through until it’s starting to be a little more see-through.

not so dense not like a broom.

more like a spiky fan.

Like in there.

finish that up.

You can do as much or as little as you want.

I think that looks about good.

then you shake it out.

look for some more thick spots.

Maybe right there’s a little thick.

you can see the light is a little bit darker.

Go in there and chunk it out.

okay then you just let go and you can comb it down get all that dry hair out.

Now there’s one more step then we’ll be done but you can already see that these layers blend inreally great.

there’s not any obnoxious lines and the reason why that happens is because the head is round and you’re cutting it straight up in a straight line so when it falls it’s perfectly blended all the say down so the last thing i’m going to do.

I’m going to start over here by the face and i’m going to put some more layers around her face we left this perimeter out.

Remember?? So i’m going to give her some layers around the perimeter here.

and then I actually have one more step.

I lied.

so there’s two more steps.

We’re going to do the layers around the perimeter.

the way i do this.

You decide where you want them.

Do you want them to start right below your chin, or a little bit longer?? maybe a little bit longer.

maybe right here? yesso we’re going to take this section of hair should just be whatever is in front of the ear hold your left hand if you are right handed.

so this is my left hand over here that’s holding the hair.

And i’m going to bring my fingers.

right about to where we want those layers to start.

Right there.

and i’ll take my scissors at an angle like this just slowly it’s called like talking this is what you do with your scissorsyou go down and slowly layer all the way down and you can do it if you see a few pieces right here.

you can go and do a little bit more and that should give you a really nice layer around the face.

we’re going to do the other side too.

and take just that section right in front of the ear now this ones a little bit more tricky.

If you’re right handed you need to flip your hand down like this.

and i like to get right in front of them so you flip your wrist upside down.

And talk down this way.

so you go right about there.

and go all the way down.

then check and make sure your layers are the same length.

If you have a little bit extra on the ends you can just point cut thatthere we go so a lot of this is just looking at it and makingsure it looks even doing it a little bit more where you think it needs it.

you can talk it just a little bit then just walk the scissors down the strands ofhair that look a little bit too thick and then last step.

After you’re happy with the layers in the front.

we’re going to make sure that the layers we did on the top match up with these that we did on the bottom.

so i’m going to take sections starting at the right side,front of the hair and i’m going to pull them straight out from her head.

and just make sure.

I’m checking the haircut now.

if you see any little split ends you can knock them off if you don’t see any big points.

it blends pretty wellLike that’s pretty good.

maybe just a teeny bit right there Just going to take it straight out.

See right here we have a little bit of difference.

this is the longest part.

so we can blend it in a little bit with point cutin the back so you have layers as short and this works on any length of hair.

Because what you’re doing is you’re taking the guide from however short it is.

If her hair was this short and I pulled it up.

then the layers would be a lot more dramatic they’d be short but they’d still blend inso you can have that spiky piecey look I do think it works better on at shoulder length or longer hair there’s not much length on the bottom after that.

And that’s it.