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Haircut Guide

Haircut Guide

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Haircut Guide
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Haircut Guide – Hi, my name is Lauren, and today I’m going to give you a guide to home haircutting.

The first thing that you’re going to want to do when cutting someone’s hair, sections their hair off into four sections.

You are going to want to make sure that you keep their natural part, where their part is.

You can find their natural part by actually combing the hair straight back and then pushing forward.

The hair, wherever the natural part is, will separate.

In that area.

You then bring it down, you want to come to the ear and section this whole front area out, from your haircutting.

You ‘re going to begin in the back.

So once you do that, you’re going to then section out the back section, give or take about a half inch, to an inch, you don’t want to take off too much.

And you’re going to slowly, this section of hair, the first part is you’re going to create a guide.

Your guide starts in the middle of the hair, and you work your way from the center out, both sides.

You’re going to pull the hair down, you’re going to cut just the center area, and give yourself your guide.

You’re then going to take that guide, keeping your fingers parallel and touching at all points, that’ll help you remain straight with it, if you go straight down, because your fingers will be straight.

You’re going to find your guide and you are simply going to follow the line across, straight across.

So that’s my guide and now I want to bring this piece of hair over to here, so I’m going to cut that straight across.

After you finish that, you’re going to continue working your way up the back of the head, taking small sections.

And you’re going to follow the initial length guide that you put in.

Once you’re done, once you’ve completed the back of the head, you’re then going to work up the, over to the side.

Again, section into smaller sections so that way it’s less to work with.

You are going to over-direct the hair back a little bit.

What that does is it helps compensate for any popping that you may get from the ear.

So it leads right over the ear, a teensy bit longer than the rest, but once it lays by the ear, because of where the ear lays, it will actually be even.

So over-direct the hair a little bit back, find your guide and continue your line.

Work it towards the front, and make sure that in front of the ear, it’s also even with the hair that you pulled back.

And that is just an easy guide to follow for home haircutting.