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Haircut Davis
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Haircut Davis – [Music] Hey guys how is the school Yes, I got 100 in my test.

What a nice test? Latin test? M, and that the Spanish test I got 100 in the test.

Nice, what test? Or was tested teaoke Something is really messy really fine, I just got your hair back from school I’ve never taken these children to salon No.

So you’re taking us to the salon.

So, I booked us a date Yay.

I’m gonna dye my hair.

Both we’re gonna You must wait on it, but you can get Trim little in the style and Tyler You will get professional Haircut for the first time in its history.

Each of Of them, not one of these children ever Was the salon, since then I’ve been born.

I have always cut their hair.

I can get access to such a natural dye, such as umbrae.

Here, perhaps after Maybe after the eye.

We have one more cheer, but natural Yes, one more cheer competition to do Then we will ask them about how To do so when we go after.

I really want to dye.

We can ask them like As there anything I can do for Make my hair longer and thicker Yes Yes, they have all kinds of products.

So, I’m going to have them change their Clothes cause you guys smell like dirt You two do so quickly and we got to Go to date and that it Scheduled to be held in about half an hour We got to pay there.

Even these children You will get a haircut so that they’re going to be a professional for the first time in its history How old were you guys when I first got your own professional haircut? Comment below.

So we’re going now This new saloon he called the brush Salon is in fact the latest salon.

I I do not think it’s been open for too long.

Children got dolled everything there is in New clothes nice, which is preparing for The salon experience.

I think About getting Perm personally you think? That would look good on me as we go like Afro Puffy hair.

Yes, I think they’re I can get my hair to do so, and maybe not.

Shawn only had his hair cut.

I am not good.

So no salon for him.

Do not you Salon I am busy with cameras stuff, so do not salon for me either But I’m sure that all of you guys Maybe you think of the current time This is not a big deal to go to the salon all the time What we’re doing is kinda weird not that we do not So we hope the kids have a good Experience and we’ll just see how this he goes.

It will not be funny if they give Tyler like a big mohawk Or something like that like Theo Mohawks inverted like I think if we asked to do so I think we can do everything we want right [Music] Well let us snacks and materials lets look there They have water, Om New York.

Oh ya.

Well let’s see Look Kyler, they have all kinds of hair products There directly.

You said you want to know What would make your hair grow longer And faster.

So, we have to ask from them in Numbers.

These products are all over here It is organic because they like Handmade organic products.

that’s it Nice to meet you, nice to meet you.

Hello, I Khloe to Oajb before you Kyler.

Come on over lady.


So what you want today, shorter or longer We are getting.

Tell me a little about your hair Look at her hair tips make sure they’re Healthy says I need a child to attach Me anything but we thought maybe it’d be fun To have a start like shampoo explosion And the type of style for fun Yeah absolutely It wants to get it colored.

she wants umbrae but I think we might want to wait Even then after the end of this week Because it has more competition cheer one and They can not.

You cheer? Yes really.

Oh my God I cheered my whole life I used to coach very when I graduated from High school, and it was a lot of fun.

Yes, I mean I I think you completely think you’re fine I do not think you really need to worry On this topic if you want once to dry what we can Just make sure you do not have any really Sad men who think they care about those, and If you do this, and I usually wear the veil.

I am awake Ponytail.

Okay so you have some Questions that you might want to ask her about hair transplant Faster and yes if there is such Way I can grow longer yes at all Well you brush your hair all the time? Do you get your hair cut on a regular basis? We get it cut every two months I was fine There are hair melody.

this is the first time They ever to the salon.

Oh my God, this is a very sexy I did not notice it’s like a really big deal at the time.

Yes This is a fantastic so maybe there is a product I suggest that you can give her a yes Completely if you’re looking to grow For a longer period, and I’m stronger and in good health Usually recommend people to start taking Biotin hair or skin vitamin male What to do is to get all of you The vitamins in your body may be It lacks this does not help your hair for Grow as long as strong You can get it at Wal-Mart, CVS, Walgreens wherever But this is only a pill that you take every day And it’s just a small bit like Thing to start with a small piece then You can always take more Well, so I think you’re going to get It began with shampoo and designer.

Yes Well, let me go check on Tyler I do not want to get anything Which you will get mad so that we have taken for Tyler knew it right a little crisp Now we kind of hope for something To make it really cool like maybe A little shorter for higher or shorter on The two sides, and on the back and then the top Geek Technology keeps him.

This is actually a very popular style you You do not have to go too short my friend The name is Tyler.

It was only here, do his Really really short and leaves all this time But we have tons of variations.

take It makes it look a little cleaner you can Still keep all that time Linda and take Monster wave as well as yes.

Are you okay with that? Is really wonderful is there anyone you can think of as you want Look like Justin Bieber What about the old 12-year disappearance Yes, we are on your winnings you Your way, I want to have hair like The man was a long tongue, such as from Rock band.

Then you’ll get hair pin Okay so you want to do it and take Them off on the side you want to go Your hair this way you type Whatever this day, such as Mom, you do not have ever used shampoo on my hair.

Not in fact I have always just I left like this so this is Probably where I would have had such Taking it off.

well, that is good.

you want to Start with that in PS you can see This is like the biggest risk for me, this is Usually how it will be used to go Well yes So we will make it up to like here will Cut all this, and if you want any of Shorter you can always take more.

It looks gorgeous.

Can not put it back on yes we have not mastered that one yet.

Well, a little work done here to get a little rub Down.

Feel like a hot little massage Oh ya.

Hair is fine.

You could do this like all Right today.

that’s cool Oh yeah look at that beauty queen such a beautiful hair You guys get like something like this to launch yourself basically.

OK That day is a good day to do this in the salon with Little extravaganza.

Just because you are a child We reserve just for you full slot.


Just like the little princess singer.

You are like Rock Star.

How do you feel it? I can get your Autograph? You can take a picture with me already? How many pictures? Lady Well, let’s get Y’all identify and Fabulous All right, but it’s got a purple or Little orange thing in her hair and this is also part of that? So are you scared? They are not are you scared? Hmm, do not it will be awesome and even hot right Now Want to miss this hair still keep you Is, I promise.

I wonder what could have been Like if we waited.

If we do so when They were five.

Every right to know.

Do you guys do like five years old or less? We get all kinds of ages here.

My hair, there goes Hey, what is your name? the summer.

Hello summer, hello.

Therefore, the summer working in the first professional haircut salon Tyler.

Look at it.

How do you feel? are you nervous? You feel like you’re gonna cut my face Oh, it will not cut your face, I promise.

This is what is what guard for It’s just the next plastic it tickle you? No, I’m just scared you Tyler funny Feel this part, this is just a plastic every part There is this right because it is down There are fancier looking already.

Nice little View there.

So far, things are good In the hope that men get your hair done in the salon Comment below.

Do you want to be curly? Shortening and possibly wavy? What we are feeling now? Could you So flat iron I think you’re right You really want to be really wavy, curly The wrinkling.

How do you like shampoo Do you feel like you are having a head massage? Yes really Gillies are all sweet.

Yes really This will be the best part of everything.

I swear to God you’re gonna love this.

I will do this like a full mission I’m getting really jealous of your very good it Such as massage head.

It really feels really good.

Man massage.

If I’m not here shooting, you probably fall asleep [Music] Welcome back, did you enjoy it? Yes On the skull.

everything is ready Jumped on the bottom will go back to Chair and finish how are you? you are fine? You feel better? I feel better [Music] Are you okay bud? did you get hurt? Do you hurt? You OK? I’m fine.

Want this dessert? they have Some more than here.

Yes, give me All right here is that you think your colleague We are flirting fine.

Looks good [Music] Well, who do we have here.

who is this? I think this is Serah hello.

long time no see.

This is the first time we have come to the salon She has never been to the salon before.

Ever, this is a lot of fun.

So, you guys come here all the time? just me It began a week ago, yes, I just It began a week ago, so come and hopefully we’re going to be bumping into each other.

Oh no, oh awesome guys.

Kayla seems Get her hair styled.


It turns into a beautiful mother at the moment.

Oh my God, I love it.

Which looks gorgeous Talent relationship.

What to get done? Look at them, it’s so funny That’s what he did very Kyler.

I asked what he did you want? Then Daughter look in his face [Laugh] [Music] This hurts.

Smell looks.

They need you better be ready for it Yes, it was just eating, he went from like 10 to 13.

You think you’ve got the colors below you baby you’re good.

Oh my God, man.

Look at this guy I was a kid good-looking Now what happened Oh you say I was not looking good before? No I was.

Sorry I mean II mean I still Cuz I loved my son but now look In man I’ll be really oh I think you want Go hang out with me now As if it looks good audience together Man.

Bud good job here, and I love the hair Man, sweet.

Look at you, hey.

how do you feel? Nice, and I like this very much.

And I will range Your hands make it through certain that feel Well, and then I will show you a secret.

my pretty Form.

I love this hair, and her very nice.

I would like to ask with the daughter of my model.

I cover my hair curls.

Oh sorry, I did not mean to cover curl your hair.

I just put a little bit of Hair spray, hands and just spread through Instead of spraying all over you want I was wearing a helmet.

Make sure it relaxes you know you look gorgeous.

Shklk nice.

love it Oh, this is so fun You a beautiful Whoa look at you, who are aged between two very like.

You Did not get any longer though, Tyler grew like this Yes, look at how long I Kyler now.

Oh, thank you so much, you welcome it, and we owe you guys you both did awesome You did a terrible summer.

Thank Yes, I totally recommend your salon.

even if You guys want ever to go to the salon Go to Jacksonville Brush Salon Because they do not do a terrible job on everybody.

All comes from here looks amazing.

What say you guys? Thank you for making me beautiful Tyler loved your first salon experience? Yes really.

I see you I see different colonics for Yes, we can come here again and Again until you guys get on the red carpet Treatment or treatment Where the red carpet? They put away here again.

It was Leaving very soon.

But I do not see it.

So, you guys want to get a quick bite for Eat before heading to express their joy.

OK We got to get out of here and get something to eat real quick So, the kids do not pass by Before Kayla goes to cheers Yes, thank you.

All of the men right so that We had salon experience the fun? Kayla is still wants to go back and get Ombre? What do you think my group? Do you get it? I want hair rainbow Maybe Unicorn Rainbow Hair Hair Unicorn Kayla.

if you want that Comment below.

I get it They must leave natural, what do you guys think? I get a rainbow.

what will You guys do? What I wanted to do Ombre, such as Red on the tip or purple, blue or Do you leave it normal? She has Want to know that comment down and My hair is very beautiful.

It’s almost like brown.

Cameron Yes, it’s only Kind of brown color.

It we had such a blond hair When they were younger but then stay Inside every day anyway, and then wonderful.

What do you guys think Tyler hair? I I think I like it I do not even recognize I wish him anymore to be a hair like this [Music] In any case, I hope you guys enjoy this video, such as Subscribe, Share this video with your friends and family.

So next time goodbye.