Hair Cut Too Short
Hair Cut Too Short

Hair Cut Too Short

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Hair Cut Too Short
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Hair Cut Too Short – Hi, I’m Amelia, and on behalf of Expert Village,I’m here to talk about troubles that you have with your hair.

Okay, as you can see my modelhere had her bangs chopped off pretty bad.

So what do you do in a situation like this?Well, there’s a couple of things.

If you have enough hair over top that you can salvage,that you can pull over, then you can just completely hide it.

So that’s the easy way.

Now, let’s say you went really bad and they cut pretty far back so you’ve just got a lotof short pieces.

The best thing to do then, and it might not be the most flattering, butthe best thing to do then, again, is to make it look like you meant to do it.

So, you cango in, and if you’re at home, you can go in and just, I’m just going to grab some scissorsthat anyone would have at their house, they’re not ideal, but they work.

And you just cutnotches in them, and you always make sure that your scissors are going up.

But whatI’m showing you here is that you don’t have to go and buy sheers.

You can use just somescissors.

And you can even make them like a little bit shorter on one side.

Like I said,have fun with it.

Make it looks like it was supposed to be done.

Then, take your product, with product youcan do anything.

I’m using just a little bit of wax, and I’m just going to go in and kindof twist them and bring them to one side.

So they look like what’s called baby bangs.

So again it looks like it’s supposed to be that way.

Now what happens when they get downto here and they’re obviously too short? Well the same thing, you just go in and continueto notch them.

Another thing you can do, is I highly recommend going to someone you trustand having them help you out with this as well.

So when you style your hair, you canjust bring that over and then it looks like you mean to do it.

And that’s how you fixbangs that are too short.