Cute Hairstyles With Hats
Cute Hairstyles With Hats

Cute Hairstyles With Hats

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Cute Hairstyles With Hats
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Cute Hairstyles With Hats – Hi everyone! It’s Thuha, and I’m back today to share some cute hair tutorials that you can try for the winter time.

The weather is getting colder, and these hairstyles are perfect under your beanies and hats.

They’re easy to do and look super cute for school.

The first hairstyle is a messy braid thatlooks like a fishtail.

Start by pulling your hair to one side anddivide it into two sections.

Tie off the front section with a thin elastic.

Make a hole on top of your ponytail and flip your hair inside that hole to create a twist.

Now divide the back section into two and bring them to the front around the first ponytail.

Tie this off and flip the ponytail inside the hole to create another twist.

Continue these steps until you’re near the end.

Since you’re dividing your hair into smaller sections to create this braid, it makes this method much more manageable for thick hair.

Once your braid is done, you can pull on the sides to make it bigger and messier.

I love wearing braids with beanies, and this unique hairstyle looks great under a knitted beret.

This next hairstyle is quite sophisticated.

It can be hard sometimes to wear an updo with a beret, but this low updo works really well with it.

Begin by tying your hair into a low ponytail but on the last pull, you’ll only want to pull your hair through a little bit to create a bun.

Wrap the remaining hair around the bun and pin it in place.

From here, put on your chosen beret, making sure it slouches right above your bun.

Pull on the sides of your hair to fan it out and pin it in place.

And that’s it.

I really like how this low updo frames around the beret and gives it a mature style.

This third hairstyle is more of a cool playful look.

Start by taking a small section in the frontand divide it into three.

You’re going to make a braid by putting the side sections under the middle.

As you go on, add some hair to the section that’s closest to your face before putting it under the middle.

This will create a half dutch braid.

Continue this braid down your hair and repeat the same steps to the other side.

When you’re done, you can go back and loosen your hair.

These pigtail braids are cute and edgy, and they look great under a variety of different hats.

You can try them under beanies with strings or you can also wear them with snapback hats for a tomboy look.

My favorite way to style them is with earmuffs.

I like how the braid follows down the headband, which adds a nice surprise on top.

Alright, so this next one is more of a hair trick.

If you have long bangs like mine, then you can sweep and pin them to the side.

This will instantly make you look neater and more dressed up.

If you don’t like your bangs being flattened against your forehead, you can simply pin them back.

This really puts the focus on your face, so you can show off some beautiful eye makeup.

These hair hacks only take 10 seconds to do, but they can totally change your look under a beanie or beret.

I hope this video inspires you to style yourhair more often under your winter hats.

If you have other hair tutorial requests, then feel free let me know in the comments below.

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