Cute Hairstyles With Bandanas
Cute Hairstyles With Bandanas

Cute Hairstyles With Bandanas

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Cute Hairstyles With Bandanas
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Cute Hairstyles With Bandanas – [MUSIC – CHARITY VANCE, “ICING”] -Hey, everyone.

I’m Mindy from CuteGirls Hairstyles.

And today, Brooklynand I are going to show you how to do someno heat bandana curls.

Now, you’re going to love thisstyle because it’s really easy.

It’s quick to put in.

And the bandanas just giveyou a really fun, kind of lose wave that’s perfectfor the next morning when you’re in a hurry.

Now, to start thishairstyle, you’re going to need four bandannasjust folded in half diagonally so they’re just all crumpled up.

And then we parted herhair where she normally likes her hair parted andjust divided it really roughly down the back in half.

It doesn’t have to be a perfectdivision by any stretch.

So now we’re going to divideit in half again, but from top to bottom.

This is going to allow the curlsto come up the hairline just a little bit farther, whichBrooklyn likes better.

When you get thatseparated, go ahead and spritz it with just water.

You want it damp, but notlike sopping wet, or else it won’t dry overnight.

You just want it dampenough to add the curl.

You’re going to takethe bandana and wrap it around the hairstrand like this.

And then you’re basicallyweaving the hair around the bandana.

So you’re just going to goaround each side of the bandana over and over and try tokeep the hair up as tight as you can so you don’t run outof bandana before you run out of hair, like with herhair, because it’s long.

Now the benefits usinga bandana are just that it absorbs some ofthe moisture overnight.

And also it adds a littlethickness in the hair.

So it gives you nice wavesinstead of such tight, tight curls.

I’m not quite as kinky whenyou get up in the morning.

And it’s more of likea nice subtle wave that’s really pretty.

When you get down tothe end, then just secure it with an elastic,all of it together.

And you’re going to repeat againon the other three sections.


And when you have all thebandanas put in place, then you are ready togo to sleep overnight.

And just let themcurl while you sleep.

So the next morning,when you wake up, just go ahead andpull the bandanas out.

And you have these nice,fun waves that look great.

And this way, youcan see they came up a little higher in the top,which we wanted– [INAUDIBLE] her around– because if we hadjust done four along the back, they wouldn’t havecome up very high.

And last one.

And then I’m justgoing to have her flip her head over and shake it.

Just use our fingers tokind of separate the curls a little bit.

And then flip it back up.

And there you go.

You have these great waves.

And you can justleave it like this.

You could add a lace braid.

You could– whatever–put a headband in, any numerous things you cando with these great curls that you had to useno heat to achieve.


OK, and now you haveyour hair all completely curled and ready for theday without any heat.

So I love it nice and easy.

And we love easy, especiallywhen you have early mornings and you’re rushing out the door.

Now, we be sure tocheck us out on Twitter.

You can followus, @CuteGirlHair.

And I will a link in thedescription box below as well.

And you’ll see youguys next week.

Bye, guys.


[MUSIC – CHARITY VANCE, “ICING”] -And then I’m going to take itand make it a cute little bun right here on theside of her head.

Tuck those ends in.

You can use spin pins.

[MUSIC – CHARITY VANCE, “ICING”] -You’re the bestest girl ever.


-Oh, no.


Really, [INAUDIBLE].

-Hi, Dad.

-What are you doing? -Blowing bubbles.

-Turn around.

-It’s kind of themagic number for me.

I mean, it’s not– -What was it you justsaid to her, baby, when you had yourarm around her? -You’re the bestest girl.

You’re the best girl.

-Ever? -Mm-hm.

-That was cute.

And so you’re just watchingyourselves blow bubbles, huh? All right, well say bye bye.