Cute Hairstyles To Do With Short Hair
Cute Hairstyles To Do With Short Hair

Cute Hairstyles To Do With Short Hair

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Cute Hairstyles To Do With Short Hair
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Cute Hairstyles To Do With Short Hair – Hi, everyone.

My name is Tina and for today’s hair tutorial, I’m going to show you a half-up, half-down hairstyle with a twist waterfall sides To minimize flyways, I’m going to apply some hair wax first.

You can always choose to tease the hair, to show the demarcation of where you need to stop.

This was a requested updo and if you would like to see the photos, go to Facebook.

Com/makeupWearables The requested photo didn’t have bangs, but I’m going to keep mine out because mine is pretty short and wispy and it would just create unnecessary flyways later.

I’m pinning up my hair here so that you can see better, but this is a completely unnecessary step for you.

Take a small section at the top and split it in half.

And I’m going to name the strand “positions” instead of naming the strands, because it’s going to change constantly.

So we’re going to name the – Strand Position – Top and Bottom Take the hair in the Bottom position and cross it over to the Top.

And this is the way we’re always going to make our twist, going – BOTTOM strand UP.

Now with the newly made BOTTOM strand, you’re going to clamp between your lips, to keep it out of your way.

Take a small section of hair from the scalp longer section than before.

smooth that down.

and then, we’re going to take that strand OVER the TOP strand, after that, we’re going to take the strand out of the mouth, the strand from the mouth is going UP – OVER – the BOTTOM strand, and the BOTTOM strand is now going into the mouth.

So we’re always going to hair in the BOTTOM strand – into the mouth.

Every time you do this, you’ve created a hair twist.

So we start the whole process again.

We’re going to take some hair from the scalp, take that OVER the TOP strand.

Replace the hair in your mouth with the other strand, creating a hair twist.

Make sure that you’re always following the same movements.

Take a section of hair from the scalp, and take that OVER the TOP section remove the hair from your mouth, and go OVER the TOP section.

And the newly made BOTTOM section, you’re going to put it in your mouth to create a hair twist.

There are, of course, other variations of how to do this.

but I chose to show you how to it this way because I find that it comes out looking more flat, and an hour after you do this, it’s still going to stay flat.

Some of these methods, that you see, they will look nice for 30mins and then an hour later, it’ll start looking bulgy and bumpy.

For this particular hairstyle, you’ll need to do about 4~5 Twist Waterfall before tying it up with an elastic band.

Make sure you use a cheap elastic, because we’re going to need to cut this off at the end.

After tying up the waterfall braid side, you’re going to start teasing the crown before tying it up with an elastic band as well.

You’re also going to need 2~3 bobby pins to pin up the crown area to create an extra lift.

And from here onwards, it’s all a breeze, because all you’re going to do is, take small sections from each side and lay it flat against your scalp and pin it.

That’s all you do.

As you’re alternating sides and pinning down the hair, try to lay it over the previous bobby pins so that it doesn’t show.

But if you can’t do that, it’s not a problem because we’re either going to remove it completely or push it down.

To get exactly the same hairstyle as the girl in the photo, use a 1/2 inch curling iron to curl your hair at this point, I, myself, have to use 1 inch curling iron because my hair wasn’t quite long enough to get the same effect.

And to finish off this Twist Waterfall Braid Updo, cut off the elastic that we used previously, push down all the bobby pins that are showing, or simply remove it.

Just make sure the last 2 bobby pins are up and secure.

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