Cute Hairstyles That Are Easy
Cute Hairstyles That Are Easy

Cute Hairstyles That Are Easy

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Cute Hairstyles That Are Easy
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Cute Hairstyles That Are Easy – (calm acoustic music) – Hey guys, it’s Katie and Charlie here with Abella’s Braids again! You can find our social linksin the description box below, so don’t forget to check us out.

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Thanks guys! – [Katie] Alright, so yourparting for this style is going to be taking about.

Couple inches up from theear, maybe an inch and a half, and all the way down tothe nape of the neck.

And then do the samething on the other side.

This is what the partinglooks like from the front.

From here all the way back,from here all the way back.

Now I’m just going to leavethese partings in front, and I’m going to make a pony tail with this whole entire middle section.

And now, I’m going to splitthe pony tail in half.

I’m gonna take this sideand clip it out of the way.

Okay, I’m gonna start a Frenchbraid here in the very front.

And when I add hair in from the top, I’m going to add in hairfrom this pony tail.

A nice chunk of hair.

When I add hair in from this side, I’m going to only add hair in from all the way from here up to the part.

(acoustic music) And I’m just gonna keep doing this all the way down to the bottom.

You want your braid tocover the part line, so try to keep your braidright on that part line.

(acoustic music) When you run out of hair from here, just keep adding hair into the braid from this side until you run out.

And then just braid allthe way to the ends.

And finish with an elastic.

Now repeat this on the other side.

Okay, so this is about what it should look like when you’re all done.

You could always finish this style off with a pony tail right here and I think it would look gorgeous just the way it is! But what we’re gonna do is continue on and make kind of an up-do with it.

I’m just gonna pull out theselast few pieces a little bit.

I’m gonna bring thisaround, and I’m going to tuck this braid into the end right here, and pin that down.

And now I’m going to take the second braid and I’m gonna put it into this loop, passing it under all this hair.

Tuck it in all the way to the bottom, and pin that down.

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