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Cute Hairstyles Down

Cute Hairstyles Down

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Cute Hairstyles Down
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Cute Hairstyles Down – (lively music) – Hey everyone.

I’m Jordan from Braids by Jordan and today I’m back on CGH to show you a cute half-up buttonstyle with braided accents.

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So let’s get started on the hairstyle.

Take about a one-inch section of hair from the heavy side of the part and divide it into two equal pieces to start an inverse fishtail braid.

To do an inverse fishtail, take a small piece from the back section and cross it under into the front section.

Then take a small piecefrom the front section and cross it under into the back section.

Continue that patternuntil the fishtail braid is long enough to reachthe back of the head.

Every so often, I like to goback and pancake the braid by pulling gently on the edges.

(lively music) Once the braid is long enough, secure it with the clear baby elastic.

Move the fishtail out of the way and comb half of the hair into a ponytail.

Add the fishtail into the rest of the hair and secure it into a ponywith the clear baby elastic.

(lively music) Remove the elastic fromthe end of the fishtail if it’s sticking out andgently comb through the pony.

Take another baby elastic andwrap it around the ponytail to make one loop.

Take the ends of the loop andtwist them around the elastic to hide it.

Pin as you go to keep it secure.

(lively music) Adjust the bun with pins if necessary.

Take a section of hairbetween the ear and the bun and braid a regular three-strand braid.

Tug up the edges to give it more volume.

(lively music) At the end of the hair, secure the braid withthe clear baby elastic and then repeat on the other side.

(lively music) And that’s it.

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And, I’ll be back in another few weeks with another hairstyle for you guys.