Curly Hairstyles Guys
Curly Hairstyles Guys

Curly Hairstyles Guys

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Curly Hairstyles Guys
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Curly Hairstyles Guys – Now we’re done with the haircut, so Mikkel,what do you think about it? It’s really awesome.

Really awesome.

Good job, man.

Good job.

Thank you, thank you.

I used Sidekick to give more texture and get this beach-look on his hair; By Vilain Blow,to give matte finish and make the hair look thicker; and a new thing.

I used a littlebit of conditioner.

Those were some nice tricks, Ulises.

Sonow we only need to find the winner of the “random and awesome comment” competition.

It’s right here.

If you’d like to participate next week, you can read on the descriptiondown below how to win 3 cans of wax!.