Curly Hairstyles For Guys
Curly Hairstyles For Guys

Curly Hairstyles For Guys

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Curly Hairstyles For Guys
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Curly Hairstyles For Guys – (upbeat music) – Hey you, welcome back to my men’s grooming essential series.

So like I mentioned inmy two other hair videos, which I’ll link in the description below, this is one of threevideos where I talk about the best hairstyles for you based on your face shape and hair type.

So definitely be sure towatch those other videos because it will heavilyinfluence the hairstyle you should go with.

Alright, so I’m superexcited today because I have a very specialguest in studio today.

Kyle Krieger.

So like the professionalsI mentioned in my series intro video, Kyle Kriegerhere is a incredible, incredible hair stylist and groomer that I’ve worked with on many occasions.

And he also has an awesome YouTube channel which I’ll link in the description below for you to check out.

– Thanks, a little plug.

– A little plug.

So I think that covers it.

What did I miss? – No that’s great, no.

Thank so much, thank you for having me, I’m so happy to be here! – So the last time I saw you, we were in New Yorkworking on an ad campaign and you had just moved there.

(laughing) – And here I am, back in LA.

– Here you are, back in LA.

I love the feeling that men get when I help them transform and give them this incredible outfit where they instantly feel more confident.

And they like throw their shoulders back, and it’s just like.

I live for that feeling, and I’m sure it’s very similar with giving someone the perfect haircut.

– Yeah.

After a client leavesand they send you a text and they’re like wow, this feels so good.

Thank you.

Do you know what I mean? Just like, you feellike you are constantly changing someones day.

Which is like a really big impact to feel and then it genuinely builds self worth and self esteem becauseyour helping people feel good about themselves.

Even if it’s on the outside, they also internalize that happiness.

And it could potentiallychange their whole day.

– Alright, well, shall we?- Yeah.

– I love that, that was awesome.

So let’s get into the best hairstyles for curly or kinky hair.

Generally speaking, whatdo you think are the best hairstyles for curly haired men? – Shave it.

– Shave it.

(laughing) – No I’m kidding.

– Just completely all off.

– To me, curly hair means, short or long.

Right? I feel like it’s verychallenging to have curly hair and to be somewhere in the middle.

So I think what looksmost handsome or great is any type of variation of, a little bit shorter on the sides, and to graduate here, to then have length on the top.

It can range between one inch to, you know, four or five, right? If you wanna push it backalmost like a pompadour.

You don’t want it tonecessarily look like, Kramer.

Right? You don’t wanna be like.

– All of his hair up.

– Yeah, so I mean, so fourinches may be challenging, but I do like to be ableto style it properly.

Like you could avoid that.

Personally for me, if Ihad coarse curly hair, I even have short hair with straight hair because I just don’twanna do it that much.

Because I’d rather, itlook like I care more about my clients hair than my own.

But, if I had coarse curly hair, I would keep it reallyshort, and maintenance.

Because I think, I wanna be able to get up in the morning, walk out the door and nothave too much to do with it.

But also look really sharp and handsome and just like a solid haircut.

– So when you’re styling it, do you style it when it’s wet, or do you put in first moisturizing cream, and then put in your hair, let it air dry and thenstart styling it once it’s air dried? – So I think the key for curly hair, is to get out of the showerand when you towel dry it, to not shake the towel on your head.

What I recommend is thatyou take an old t-shirt.

And you’re using that,and you’re just placing it on your head.

You’re not shaking it crazy, and you’re just absorbingsome of the water.

And then you’re gonna apply product.

Moisturizing your curls is important.

So if you’re gonna havethem be a little longer, make sure you’re using productthat uses moisture as well.

You’ve gotta think of hair as the hair shaft, as long it almost, on a microscopic level, it looks like shingles on a roof.

So when you have shingles on a roof, curly hair the reasonwhy it can look frizzy is because the shinglesnaturally are up a little bit.

On a microscopic level, they look up.

But if you moisturize them, then they smooth out.

So to moisturize them is key, because that will helpit from getting frizzy.

And if you’re gonna have length on top, you definitely need tobe moisturizing your hair using a product thatmoisturizes your hair.

So the product can be,a curl enhancing gel or gel-hybrid.

So it’s not too hard.

You can mix gel with a conditioner, and so it has a little bit, it’s not super hard and it can have some, it can be malleable throughout the day.

And when you’re stylingit, avoid touching it with your fingers.

Because that will add to the frizziness.

Use a wide-tooth comb, or, use a diffuser when you’re blow drying.

If you use a diffuser, yourcurls are gonna be amazing.

– They’re gonna pop.

– They are gonna be so great.

And a diffuser is just, this cone shaped attachmentthat goes on the end of the blow dryer and that it has fingers on it, and that can touch your hair.

You can move that around, and hold your curls up into that, and that will form themin a way that looks great.

– For curly haired men, just before we go into, coarse kinky hair, is there different hair types? Is there a fine curly hair versus coarse curly hair? Are they generally, the samehair types that you would treat in terms of yourhaircut, and your hairstyle? – Well yeah, there definitely is.

You could definitely have fine curly hair.

And you can have really coarse curly hair.

If you have a fine curly hair, it’s probably easier to manage.

coarse curly hair is the type of hair that you have to work hardest on to maintain.

– Stubborn.

– Yeah, it’s stubborn and it’s annoying.

And you have to be mindful about products and you have to do product research and potentially buy a few tosee which one works for you, and it takes a little bit more work.

But it can be beautiful as well.

You just have to have theright cocktail for you hair.

– But in terms of hairstyle, you would still, that’s thehairstyle you would stick to regardless of the hair type you have.

It’s just now productsmight be a little different.

– Yeah, I think potentially,architecturally, it can still be very similar.

– Let’s move on to coarse kinky hair.

So I know a lot of myaudience that has kinky hair, they always ask, what doyou recommend in terms of the best hairstyle for us.

Dryness is a big issue with kinky hair.

They need as much moisture as possible and they want to makesure that the hairstyle that they choose fits their face.

So what do you think isthe best hairstyle for kinky coarse hair? – This passed year, on the red carpet with Moonlight, featuringthese beautiful black men that have kinky hair, there was a range of different styles, which I was so happy to see.

So Mahershala Ali, hada great hairstyle where he had like, he kept itreally tight on the sides.

– Yeah I love that temple fade.

– Yeah but then kept thelength in the middle, which is kinda like alittle bit like a fohawk, but a really cool take on it.

Right? Then Travante kept his hair really short, and almost like a buzz cut.

Which I think is really handsome too, with a little bit of length on the top.

And then there was Alex whokept his hair a little bit longer on top.

It was very moisturizedbut also he made sure that his haircut was square.

Having a square haircutwhen you have coarse, kinky, curly hair, is great for your face shape.

Because the architecture is beautiful.

I like the idea of a round shape, or like a nice jawline, but then you have this really sharp hair up here going on.

And I think it’s importantto point out that, if it doesn’t keep a square shape, then you’re gonna go moretowards an afro style.

– I think the fro looks really nice if you have a square face, becauseit helps soften the angles of your face.

– Right.

– Cause you’re a lot more angular.

So, do you agree with that? – No, 100%.

– Or do you think youshould still do square and just play on the square face? – No, I love that.

I like the idea of thebalance and the architecture.

If you have a square face,think that you’re hair is gonna look great if it’s round.

If you have a round face, and then here and have a square haircut, and you’re gonna look great too.

I think it comes down to the balance.

– Is there any products you should use? Or is it pretty much like, it’s the haircut that’s going to, dictate what you’re gonna do.

– Yeah.

If you have coarse curly, kinky hair, you know that you probably shouldn’t be shampooing that much.

– Yeah.

– Right? I kind of like to take about that shampoo is a little bit of a scam.

But shampoo bottles saythat you should shampoo once a day at whatever, right? Because they’re selling shampoo.

So they want you to gothrough it, so you buy more.

But if you have coarse curly, kinky hair, you don’t need to be shampooing, because you need the moisture, you need the oil on yourscalp to moisturize your hair.

So you should be shampooingmaybe once every two weeks.

Once a week, once every two weeks.

You can go a while withoutshampooing your hair.

And your body is going to, adjust the amount of oil that it produces based on how often you’re shampooing.

Your body is an incredible machine and it will learn if you teach it.

If you’re shampooing every two weeks, then on the 12th, 13th day, you might feel a little oily.

But you can train your body to get there.

Even if you workout everyday, I tell my clients, justrinse and condition.

You can rinse and condition everyday.

But you just don’t wanna putsoap in there all the time.

It’s just sweat.

I mean it’s not that dirty.

I don’t what people are so worried about.

You can supplement with coconut oil, and anti humectant, a hobo oil.

I don’t know if your can quote me on this, but I think a hobo oil is the closest to oil that we produce as humans naturally.

So if you supplement with that oil, it feels like natural humanskin oil in your hair.

– Do you put the oil inyour hair when it’s wet or when it’s dry? – I think you can do either.

But I think it wouldprobably be most effective if you’re putting it inwhen it’s a little dry.

You could also, if you neededa little bit more hold, you could also put in,an oil based palm aid.

And that will help shape your curl, keep it looking a little shiny.

The shine will help look moisturized.

And, I think it willhelp you maintain a style with a little bit of hold, so that it’s not necessarily just like, just soft with an oil in there.

It will give you something to work with if you’re looking tostyle it a certain way.

– Kyle, thank you so much for of this great information for curlyand coarse kinky hair.

I really appreciate it.

It was so informative.

(giggling) I love it.

Think of the hair shaft as roof shingles, that’s what I like.

The hair has shingles.

Like I said at the top of this video, this is one of three videosthat all go together, which will help determine which hairstyle you should choose.

So it’s based on your faceshape and your hair type.

So hope you enjoyed this one.

We will be covering theother hair types shortly.

That’s it.

– That’s it.

– Alright if you like this video, give it a thumbs up, subscribe to this channelfor more videos like this and if you have a question or comment, leave it in the comments section below so that we can answer it.


– Yeah.

– Alright bye.

– Thanks.