Big Curly Hair Styles
Big Curly Hair Styles

Big Curly Hair Styles

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Big Curly Hair Styles
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Big Curly Hair Styles – Hey, guys it’s Monica aka StyldbyM.

Welcome back to my channel.

In today’s video, I am going to be showing you guys a beautiful curly Wig.

This is Sensational’s “Empress Italian Curl” Wig I purchased this from Samsbeauty.


So yeah.

My hair is braided.

I have on my nylon stocking cap and this is what the wig looks like on the stock card.

This is how it comes in the box and I ‘m just going to pop the wig right on my head so you guys can see what it looks like straight from the box.

I just love the curl pattern it’s so pretty! and yet this is what the wig looks like this is how long it is.

It’s probably like 30 inches long and it is super curly.

This is the inside construction of the wig.

It has three combs and an adjustable strap.

What’s really different about this wig is that it is a stocking cap construction.

So it’s not the one where you see the tracks like most wigs.

So now I have the wig on this styrofoam head.

You can get one of these from the beauty supply store or online for really cheap.

Now what I’m doing is I’m using tweezers and I’m using the slanted side down towards the parting this step is crucial to making the way to look a little bit more natural the part that came with this wig was not good enough for me.

So I had to just take out extra hairs and it’s really easy to do this, you guys.

Just make sure you are not too aggressive and don’t pull too hard! I’m also adding some foundation that’s skin tone color to the parting just so that looks more like scalp.

And this is a brand new trick I just started doing I’m adding a little bit of conditioner and I’m going to mix it with my gel.

The conditioner that I used was Garnier’s Whole Blends and the gel thatI’m using is pro styles Shine and Jam Conditioning Gel.

I like this gel a lot because it has honey extract and the hold is extra strong.

So now I’m putting the wig on and I ‘m just showing you guys how it looks when I put it all the way down to the front of my hair.

I prefer it behind my hairline Now once I put the wig on I’m using the combs.

It’s optional if you don’t want to use the combs you can also use bobby pins to keep it in place.

And using a wide tooth comb I’m pulling out some of the curls.

I don’t want it to be too tight I want to be more of a loose voluminous hair style another trick that I do too dull down the shininess of the synthetic wig, I use dry shampoo and it works very well never fails me! That’s it Loves! thank you so much for watching this video.

I hope you enjoyed it I will leave all the info for the wig and the products I mentioned in the description box so make sure to check that below.