African Hair Styles
African Hair Styles

African Hair Styles

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African Hair Styles
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African Hair Styles – Hey guys welcome to Natural Sisters.

Thank you so much for tuning in.

Thank you for coming by.

As always, if you’re a new subscriber thank you so much.

Welcome for come to the family.

And if you are an old subscriber like you’re part of the tribe well I hope you’re enjoying your stay here and if there are any videos that you want me to do as far as hair is concerned or face is concerned, let me know so that I can do them for you because I am here for you! Now.

I did, I did these African threading.

You know I love African threading I’ve always done African threading, there a number of videos that I’ve done on African threading.

There’s one there, that I’l put.

And there’s a I think there’s a, I actually have a playlist for African threading So, if you don’t know how to do African threading because I’m not going to show it in this video, video if you don’t know how do African threading, you can watch those videos so that you can learn I do my African threading It’s the same way of folding the thread at the end here so that my hair is not exposed.

So if you wanting to check that out check the information box below.

Without further ado, let me show you my African threading.

So in this case you can see that I did the patterns.

I think when I was growing up we used to call it patterns, patterns, patterns I don’t know what they are called.

So yah, I did the patterns whereby, this hair is normally joined to to one bun or one section in front and then you basically do that and then join join join that’s basically what I did.

The sectioning i did a spiral pattern.

So it starts from here And then it goes all the way up to here It’s more a spiral and i’ve been having fun so far styling this African threading and that was the biggest challenge actually when I used to do African threading especially the smaller ones I will be like okay so how am I gonna style this? Because sometimes they would be so scalp and I wouldn’t really like it and the only style that I was left with, is a bun and then put artificial hair here or just leave it like that.

And it wasn’t looking as classy and nice as I wanted it to look.

So this time iI was like, okay let me try something different.

Let me try to think out of the box and that’s when I came up with this pattern.

So now i want to share with you how i am styling this let’s get started.

I’m talking too much right? okay let’s get started I hope you can see what I’m doing I’m basically twirling my hair and folding it and um, one of the styles that you can actually as well, is one, two, three, and then these are gonna go at the back So I’m gonna start twirling from here thank you so much for watching I’ll see you guys in another video and make sure you keep smiling your keep laughing and you keep me loving because we need you to do that.

We need each and everyone in this world to do that so that it can be a better world God bless Bye.